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  1. Last year I attempted to take my then 3 and 5 year old boys geocaching (my husband didn't seem to be interested in it at the time). I had my husband enter coordinates for me, and I was going to a place I knew - or so I thought. So, I ignored the 'park at theses coordinates....' notation. Mind you this was a first for my boys and myself! After 7 relentless, dehydrating, blood boiling hours (walking quite leisurely as to not pass out in the heat) I finally found employees on a golf cart and literally BEGGED for a ride to my van (only about another 500 feet). Needless to say I wouldn't go back without my husband - so, 1 year later I made him promise to go geocaching with us since HE was the one who pleaded to cancel our only camping excursion this year. He did enjoy it and we'll be going again. (Kids enjoyed it a lot better this time!) However, on our 7 hour hike (at end of trail I decided to create a short cut along the beach - in the middle of nowhere - I'm not good at directions and such - even with a GPS that I really didn't know how to use), my boys remained in good spirits and walked on their own. I remember very little complaining. They were so sweet but, disappointed because we didn't find the treasure so I promised them an ice cream. Talk about a bad day - after I got in the van I laid the seat back to rest for a moment. When I decided to take off for the ice cream - my seat back wouldn't come up. LOL!
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