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  1. I also think that Lisa may be going home tonight. Might just be a sign of age (nope a definite sign of age) but I had no idea what was up with Chris' song as I lost interest in about 2 seconds. But from reading above, I find that everyone liked him.
  2. Received mine today.. what a great coin. I can hardly believe the detail on the coin !
  3. Received mine today.. Excellent coin..
  4. Ross: PLEASE - speak up ! BTW - I want to make sure that everyone is aware that the Wyo-Neb Area Geocachers ARE NOT involved in this coin.
  5. So, I gotta ask ... Have you been calling in for your pick? I've watched the series from the start but have never made a call. I believe I better re-think that position and start picking up the phone. 1-800-MORE COINS
  6. Great coin. Being born in Sidney, I will have to have a few.
  7. My first time in the trade thread ! Would anyone be interested in trading their 2005 compass rose for a 2006 compass rose? Please e-mail or PM. Thanks much. BTW is 2005 the first year they were minted?
  8. Thank you Beverly for all the hard work, It is truly appreciated. and What a Beautiful Coin, I love it. Does any know how many years a compass rose has been minted. Is there only 2005 and 2006? I need a trade....and yep... I'll take that up under a different thread !.
  9. Visited with Ross this morning. The final mailing is boxed up and ready to go out Monday. Some orders are already in the mail and should be received Monday. Sorry for the long wait. Many-many lessons have been learned and for sure will not be repeated.
  10. Fast fingers got me in for 3. Definitely made it worth coming home from Friday Night Happy Hour. Jesh ... coming home to order coins versus coctails??... Six months ago not a single person I know would have thought I would have picked coins to be the answer? probably myself included
  11. yep...that was the answer...That kinda makes for an interesting Friday evening... now I can go have that beer that I am most certain will taste like a million dollars !
  12. same here, the code is not working ....
  13. I will call Ross this evening and see what's up with the shipping. In reference to an earlier question...the limited edition coins (2 per person) are pewter. The remaining are bronze. More to come tomorrow...
  14. Jesh, I sure hope so cuz my pick didn't do so great either?
  15. Received the absolute cacher coins.... nice .. nice .. nice
  16. jesh... I gotta get busy. I taped the show last night and will watch it when I get home at 5:00 ... then decide if I want to change by 6:00 - don't think I will, but ya never know.. sounds like some of the fellas did a great job ?
  17. SLIVER & LUCY Thanks for thought...cuz I'm sure I will need it. I'm getting prepared for the mud-slingin to start
  18. Yee Haw !!! Just returned home from the long weekend and found I made the cut. I have the winner already picked and have made room for all those extra coins I wasn't expecting to own. Actually... I've not picked the winner since the series started, BUT I have this funny feeling that this might be the year
  19. weee ahhhaahahahahaahah I made the cut for the first round,,, of course everyone else does too Now the waiting begins. Seems appropriate tho, just like the contestants...wait to see who makes it through the 2nd round cuts.
  20. Viking TB I have a T.B. that is in a race with this Viking T.B. Seems that this fellow is flying high. But of course I couldn't show the Viking TB with out showing my Bronco TB Bronco TB BTW... they are both stalled
  21. I too had the same problem, I coin paid, the other not paid. Will keep an eye on the page and see if it gets updated.
  22. Nice ideas, I am working on some of them today. Jesh 1K... we would have to travel at least 250-300 miles (one way) to even get close to those sorts of numbers. We're all still working on getting to 100 But dang it, we're gonna try for more. Last year around this time we had about 4 cachers, we are now up to about 30 families ! Thanks again for all the help. dblrngr
  23. Our community is rather new to geocaching. We will be having our first geo-meet later this month. I would like to give out some prizes for 25+ and 50+ caches found. Does anyone know of something out there that is for sale for this purpose. I can always give out TB's or GC coins, but would like to have something specific to # of finds. thanks much - dblrngr
  24. I would be interested in two of your coins. I prefer the coin that is on the left (in your picture) , but would take either. thanks - great looking coin.
  25. absolutely in for 1 of each, maybe 2
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