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  1. I am very new to GPS, GeoCaching, and especially GSAK but I am a very fast learner. I have figured out most of the functions of GSAK and have already downloaded waypoints to my GPSr. The thing I don't understand though is the fuunction of "user flags" and how the filters work. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. CapnJack
  2. Several reasons NP 1) No hurricanes, earth quakes, dust storms, mudslides, sinkholes, ... etc with only one tornado in the past ten years. 2) Our biggest insect is only about one inch long (and non-poisoness). 3) Skin cancer is much less likely. 4) Scientifically proven - we live longer! 5) And last but certainly not least, this is my home!
  3. If you look in the getting started posts about 2/3 down the page, there is a post titled "Where Do You Get Ammo Cans?" with a lot of good advice.
  4. Thanks for all the good advice! I see what you mean about either leaving a lot of confusing tracks or going when I know my tracks will be covered. Just being as covert as possible about seems like the best advice. It will be interesting to see how well my SporTrak works in a blizzard!
  5. The bumper sticker idea is something I could do myself professionally. My other job (besides pirate) is graphic designer and Xerox certified operator of the Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press. Let me know if there is real interest in this idea, how it could be funded, and who I could send samples of my work to. I would obviously get a price break at the company I work for and the quality that we print is second to none. I was also wondering, with the thousands of GeoCachers around the world, isn't there anyone who works at an antenea ball factory that could get a company discount?
  6. I would have been considered a "muggler" just six short days ago but now consider myself a GeoCacher (see my profile for details). However, I do consider my find to be MY first, not an FTF or a find as a GeoCacher, but a find none the less. I guess you have to see if these other people join the group and claim the find before you consider it your FTF.
  7. Ahhh Yes! How silly of me. (Edit) I should add though, thank you for the serious advice. I'll catch on eventually.
  8. From a western NY point of view, winter is fast approching. My question is: How does one go about cache hunting in the snow without leaving "spoiler" footprints?
  9. Guess I was impressed ... just bought one! Watch out for the shipping though ..... OUCH
  10. I know, you thought I was going to say Pirates of the Caribean with the ultimate travel bug cache.
  11. Don't think it was ever a movie, but we can start on books now. How about: Raise the Titanic by Clive Cusler
  12. I am so new to this game I haven't even gone on my first hunt yet but already found a cache by accident. That's what turned me on to the game just four days ago. I read the information inside the cache and understood why it was there and respected that fact which I would have done even if I didn't think it was the coolest game I had ever seen. Instead of stealing or destroying the cache I went out and bought myself a GPS unit so I could start playing too. Obviously some people get it and some don't but you can't blame yourself. CapnJack
  13. Thank you all for the very useful information and the very warm welcome. I'm sure I am going to enjoy my new "addiction" very much. I see that asking about who's GPSr is better is a very newbie question. One which I will not be asking again. I will check out all the links you sent and I'm sure all my ????'s will be answered there. Thank you again...I'ts off to work now. CapnJack
  14. Mine came with the latest version of Firmware available so I don't know what the menus used to be like, but I did notice the extensive number of options in the menu. (Kind of scarry at first )
  15. You are the second person to raise that concern. I will watch for that ! Right now though I am babying my new toy so bad it couldn't crack in a hurricane.
  16. Thank you for such quik replies and for the helpful links. As for rehiding the cache, I do understand your concern, but I assure you we did not move it or overly obscure it in any way. All we did was put a small piece of greenery in front of it so it was LESS visable from the main trail in the park. However, onyour advice I will contact the owner and explain the situation
  17. Hello to all my new friends. I'd like to explain how I got here by posting the log entry on my first find as follows: My friends and I were exploring GHSP and found your cache totally by accident. Between the three of us we have about 90 years of camping and hiking experience and none of us had ever heard of geocaching. Now, two days later, I am a payed member of geocaching.com and already bought my first GPS. Needless to say we were very impressed with the game and excited to start playing. We weren't expecting to find treasure that day so we had very little to leave. I did have a credit card size magnifying glass in my wallet, so I left that and we took a piece of paper to write down the web address and signed the log book. We also hid the cache a little better than we found it to avoid someone else stumbling across it by accident. So that's how I got hooked already! Now the newbie questions start. On the advice of a trusted friend and charter boat captain, I bought a Magellan SporTrak Map which came with the MapSend Topo CD, carrying case, PC cord, wrist strap, and belt clip for $199.00. Since I've been reading the posts, I have seen a lot of negative things beeing said about the SporTrak. Was this a good buy? Thank you in advance for your help! CapnJack
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