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  1. Oh Duh! Now i see what you mean. You have to excuse me I just now got my first cup of coffee!
  2. I realize it would be easy enough just to add or subtract the same number from both coordinates, but what I mean by planning is that those numbers would have to end up at a good place to hide a cache. I think it could take several tries.
  3. Hey Thanks! I didn't realize there were gift certificates until you mentioned it. That's a great idea. Also, Yucca Patrol, thanks very much for the kudos!
  4. It's not likely that you would add this number to both Latitude and Longitude unless this was a very, very well planned cache. Unfortunately, I think more information is needed to determine what the hider intended.
  5. I don't know if I'm being ignored but my intentions are good here. I am seriously looking for advice on how to place my first cache. I thought maybe knowone is taking me seriously, so I had my neighbors take a digital pic of me with the bootie. Circled in red is my signiture sticker on the eTrex and the video game ready to place in the cache. Here's the pic taken just minutes ago. Not too good but you get the idea. Also, I am very interested in knowing what your favorite items to find were so I can put in things that people will be excited to find.
  6. The link at the top of the page looks like this:
  7. Ok, I'm getting closer to hiding my first cache. The two top items I have purchased so far as FTF and (hopefully) FTF² prizes are a Garmin eTrex and a "Pirates of the Caribbean" video game for X-Box respectively. This cache will also contain a TB with a goal of making it to the Caribbean. I have a small problem though. In my area there seems to be one person with a lot of time on his hands and a lot of FTF's. Please don't get me wrong, I would have no problem with him being FTF on my cache but I would like to make the playing field a little more even for the rest of the folks in my area that can only get out on weekends and such. What I have come up with (and admin chime in please) is to set up a multi-cache with the final leg being a question that the finders would have to answer in a personal email to me, and when I get "X" number of emails with the correct answer or say after a certain date, I would respond to all emails with the final coordinates. Does this fit whitin the rules and does anyone have a better suggestion? Thanks in advance for your responces , CapnJackSparrow
  8. When the error message comes up there should be a "Help" button you can click which will give you more info about what's causing the error.
  9. I have an idea that just might work for you. You could make it a Multi-Cache with the first find being a terminal to the next leg. Each "seasonal cache" you would then hide in a different spot at whatever time of year it needed to be changed and then change the coordinates in the terminal cache (always in the same place) to the second leg in it's new spot. This would make every seasonal hunt a new experience so that seekers could legitamately log a new find, and I believe would conform to all GeoCaching rules. Then all you would have to do is change your info to let people know it's a new season and your new destination cache has been placed. Does this make sense?? CapnJackSparrow
  10. Unfortunately, anything with greater detail is going to cost $$$. However, if you're willing to pay for the best, you have to check out DeLorme. Here's a link: DeLorme Atlas 2005
  11. Nicely written page. Thanks for the downloads.
  12. I will never understand why people have no conscience about throwing litter on the ground in the first place. I once watched a man leaving an iced cream stand throw his napkin on the ground in front of his two small children. I picked it up for him, (also in front of his children), and asked him why he thought it was ok to throw it on the ground in the first place. His answer was " someone will pick it up". So, I guess I will be "someone" as long as I live but I wish I could make people understand that it's not ok, and "someone" will not always be there to pick it up. In the US back in the early nineties they designated April 22nd as "Earth Day". The idea was to inspire people who may not consider litter as a problem to go out and help clean up there own neighborhoods. I went to a local park on the first Earth Day with a group of friends and we picked up nine thirty gallon trash bags full of garbage in a single day. I certainly realize we face much greater problems in the world than litter, but I also think it is one thing that we do have control over. Your link to "The Litter Movement" is encouraging and the idea of CITO renews my faith in the fact that people who have children are concerned they will have a decent, clean place to grow up in.
  13. Your support will help to keep GC.com alive! I personally appreciate that.
  14. Hey! Thanks all for all the great ideas and enthusiasm. My first hide is going to be very theme (pirate) oriented. That's why it's taking me so long to get it going. I also have a travel bug, "In Search of the Black Pearl" that is going to have a mission of making it to the Caribbean. This is such a blast!! I want my first hide to be memorable for me, the FTF, and everyone else with a GPSr and a mission. I have already chosen several theme oriented objects to put in the cache, but I want the FTF prize to be stellar. Also, I have been following another thread about MOC's and have decided by reading everyone's comments that I am not going to make my cache "Members Only" but I still urge non-members to become members just because I know what it takes to keep the services offered by GeoCaching.com and Groundspeak going. Just keep the ideas coming 'cause I haven't decided yet and thanks again, CapnJackSparrow
  15. This isn't the same thing, but let me relate an infection story: A coworker of mine was serving Alaskan King Crab to his parents for New Year's Day dinner. While preparing the crab legs, he cut his finger on the spines on the outer shell. (A very small cut) Three days later he died of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Since then I have never taken the possibility of infection lightly.
  16. I think I would ask a professional. Any open cuts or even broken cuticles on your hand could be very dangerous.
  17. Honest cachers that feel they can't trade even or trade up maybe? That's a good point though, I will have to make it a non-trade just-take item so they won't feel guilty.
  18. I'm getting ready to place my first cache and I want it to be really cool. I have travel bugs almost ready to go. The first will have a goal to make it to the Caribean: "In Search of the Black Pearl". However, I want to place something really cool in the cache for the FTF and was wondering what some of your best items found were so I can get some ideas. So far I have thought of gift certificates or, better yet, a gift card (waterproof!). another thought was a Garmin E-Trex but it occured to me that anyone finding my cache would already have a GPSr. Any ideas?
  19. Thanks All, I'll have them activated by this weekend and have them on there way soon.
  20. Just a suggestion, I know it's a little corny but I'm just looking for constructive critisism. This is at standard banner size of 468 px by 60 px. Let me know what you think.
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