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  1. Update: Two weeks has proved to be very unrealistic. This cache has become my obsession and has got to be perfect. I started a web site to go along with the cache at: Cap'n Jacks Cache Sorry for the delay, but trust me it will be worth the wait. Also, the note to visit geocaching.com is clickable and links to the site. I'm posting it for all RR users and maybe get some new cachers out of it.
  2. Agreed. I am new to GeoCaching and due to time limitations, have not been able to get out much. So far only four caches but one of the four was a cheap throw away container that was soaked. I carry extra zip locks with me so I put the log book in one but I think it was probably already too late, the log book was soggy.I still enjoyed the hunt but the find needed some improvement. Also, I notified the hider and got no response.
  3. The term came from the Harry Potter books refering to a non-magical person.
  4. I found a link in this forum to a very well written tri-fold brochure that explained GeoCaching very well. It has a place to print your personal info, and I printed it out to hand out to anyone that thought I looked suspicious because it's easier to let them read it than me trying to expain what I'm doing in their bushes. I carry them with me everywhere I go and have handed out several. Problem is, I wanted to post the link here but I can't find it.
  5. Does this do anything for you? Just a quick idea. P.S. Sorry to the other folks that have been waiting longer, but I've been working mega hours and haven't had time. This post just hit me and I put something together quick-like. P.P.S What happened to all the other graphics people in here? edit: ie AmishHacker
  6. Oops, no it doesn't. They didn't even link it right.
  7. Yep, saw that after I had already posted. Just sounds now like something went very wrong here. 1.) The man had his children with him. Terrorists usually don't bring their children. (in this country) 2.)If the business owner knew it was there, why didn't they speak up. 3.) Did they, And maybe an over-zelous sheriff didn't want to listen? Who knows BUT, how many people from the area have already checked out the web site from reading the article and will be GeoCaching by this weekend?
  8. I'm refering to the fact that was placed on the property of one of the businesses as in this quote from the article: "an unknown person place a suspicious box under a train on display at the Tin Lizzy, an ice cream shop located at..."
  9. In this case, I think permission would have been a very good thing I agree. It seems to me that if the owners of the surronding businesses had known about it, the situation could have been averted.
  10. Then why post it. All we need is someone to go off on the guy. Its great for relations. Not suggesting anyone "go off on the guy". I said "explain their opinions". But then I knew I was going to get in trouble didn't I.
  11. Uh oh, I'm going to get myself in trouble here I just know it, but if anyone would like to try to explain their oppinions on this matter to Sheriff Mahan, here is his email addy: kmahan@blackfordcounty.com
  12. The last two sentences of that article s@#k! This may be off topic, but if the "terrorists" can stop us from enjoying a very family friendly sport which only promotes outdoor activity and community involvement, then the "terrorists" win!
  13. Excerpt from my log of my first cache find (an accident): Hey, my friends and I were exploring GHSP and found your cache totally by accident. Between the three of us we have about 90 years of camping and hiking experience and none of us had ever heard of geocaching. Now, two days later, I am a payed member of geocaching.com and already bought my first GPS. Needless to say we were very impressed with the game and excited to start playing. We weren't expecting to find treasure that day so we had very little to leave. I did have a credit card size magnifying glass in my wallet so I left that, we took a piece of paper to write down the web address, and we signed the log book. Thank you for accidentally turning us on to this real cool game, can't wait to start playing for real. That's how I discovered GeoCaching. A few notes: GHSP = Golden Hill State Park - Upstate NY GPS = GPSr (I know that now ... hehe) And, of the two friends that were with me, one has joined me with his wife for one of my cache hunts since then, and the other I see about once a year but last time I talked to him he was talking about getting his own GPSr to join the game.
  14. You may want to make sure that the Baud rate on the GPSr and the com port are set the same. You will get that error message if they are not.
  15. Another thing I'm working on is the "map" for the first leg of the multi. I'm not going to show the map, but I will show what will be on the back of the map for those that don't live in my area and won't see it. It's a very cool poem by John Masefield, who liked to write about the sea, called Trade Winds.
  16. I had thought of this but couldn't think of a way to make it fit the theme of the cache. I need to find maybe an online store that sells appropriate items and also has gift cards. P.S. thanks Milbank, now my ugly mug is on this post twice!!
  17. I don't intend to remove the cache itself, just the first two legs of the multi which are going to be somewhat difficult due to the nature of the FTF prize. If this is possible, it will then become a "Traditional" cache instead of a multi, and will still contain some very nice trade items. I still have to check with the approvers to see if this is acceptable but I don't see why it shouldn't be. Other trade items that I have ready to go into the traditional cache include some treasures from the Orient (ie: Chinese coins and a very nice dragon sculpture) from a local import store called Oriental City II as well as a "Skull and Crossbones" necklace from the wonderful people at Real Metal, and a miniature hand crafted ship in a bottle from a local craft store. I intend to include a booklet, that will be my own work and free for the taking (no trade nessecary) describing the rich history of the Rochester, NY area from it's beginings as the first "boom town" on the Great Lakes to it's involvement in the "Underground Railroad" and "Womens Sufferage" movements, as well as the birthplace of photography. I also have seven more TB's which will most likely get there start from this cache. So, you can see, the cache will still be well worth finding and I hope will be around for a very long time for all to find.
  18. After carefully considering all of your valuable recommendations and ideas, I have made my decision about how this cache will be placed. 1.) This cache is going to start out as a multi cache with the first two legs being in different parks along the southern shore of Lake Ontario with an emphasis on the historic significance of these areas. These parks are some miles apart and will require those interested in being "first to find" to be somewhat determined. 2.) The original contents of the final cache will be some nice swag items for trade, a log book, a TB with a goal of making it to the Caribbean, and two envelopes labeled "First to Find" and "Second to Find" with a SASE in each for the finders to mail me the address that they would like to have the prize delivered to. FTF prize is a Garmin eTrex and second is the Pirates of the Caribbean video game for X-Box. These will be clearly identified as "prizes" which do not require trade, only that you sign the log book. 3.) I will note to the approver for my area to please wait until the weekend to release the information in an attempt to level the playing field. However, I never meant to suggest that the person in my area that has been FTF on a lot of the local caches is not welcome to be FTF on mine, FTF is FTF no matter who it is. 4.) After the FTF and STF prizes have been awarded, the first two legs of the cache will be removed and the cache will become "Traditional" if this is possible. 5.) Although the cache will be loosely based on the Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean, no knowledge of the movie or it's contents will be required to find the cache. Does this sound reasonable? I have about two more weeks work to do on this to get it ready to go and I will post to this thread when it has been released. CapnJackSparrow
  19. absolutlely love youe new avitar!!! sorry, off topic but what a cutie!!
  20. Oh My! Ifyou're using the term "Easter eggs" you must have missed this entire forum post: Cache this! Six pages long in just two days! Edit: Ok now you're just instigating!!
  21. My in-laws introduced me to the dinner bell. The rule is anyone can ring the bell and the subject at hand must immediately change. It works well when politics or religion are discussed at the table. Can't change the subject! Don't want to go "off topic"
  22. I consider myself to be responsible for myself and, as such, can walk away from things that offend me. However, it just seems to me that this topic is starting to "beat a dead horse" in that those who don't agree the cache should be archived will never agree and vice versa. It looks like in the end it's still going to be left up to the approvers. Doesn't it? I am very new to this sport and am just as addicted as the 2000's, but what I see here is hard feelings about something that is intended to be fun, get people outdoors, and bring people together. Not tear them apart. IMHO, this is exactly why we have been "asked" to keep politics and religion out of it. P.S. I Hate Rap Music
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