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  1. You can teach your boys about trackables by doing something similar to this: TB417KC
  2. Thank you, that did it.
  3. Last night I activated a new TB I bought, however when I entered it's origin as United States the Providence/State box showed a " N/A" I backed out and tried again however it would not change over. I figured the site was having problems and I'd just edit it later, however I can't seem to edit it now. My bug is showing it originated in Alabama. Is there a way to fix this, not that big of a deal but if I can correct it I'd like to.
  4. They have a clearance tag on my local Target too, however the price is $34.00 and it rings up as such. When I asked about it I was told different markets have different prices.
  5. Tentative date of June 3rd Actual delivery May 27th 11:45 AM
  6. I only ever sign and date the cache log. The online log gets more detail.
  7. What a great story, thanks for sharing it with us, and thanks for the ultimate sacrifice your family has made to our country. God Bless.
  8. Well obviously, the cacher should have gotten permission first. It is our responsibility to the land owner or caretaker to educate them and gain their trust. That being said, this Historical Society is being rather short sighted about the whole thing. Geocaching is a great opportunity for them to raise awareness of their program.
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