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  1. I am a premium member. I don't have sd card slot. ? I think I found a way with c:geo
  2. I download 100 or so, but the still won't show logs, etc when offline. As far as maps, you know how when you download maps, you download images in a certain dimension? Well, mine takes forever to load those images. I can find the cache on a blank white background before the images load. I tried with two sources. Both had same results.
  3. Because the offline maps were way to slow and the caches that I downloaded still wanted Internet.
  4. I read your post, but I just didn't see here, http://gdak.wolojoli.nl/, specifically that it did maps too. I will definitely try it though. Thanks.
  5. Ok, so this app will use offline maps?
  6. That appears more for the cache list than maps.
  7. I have read the instructions for locus, but I just can't get it working good enough. Log addon just refuses to work period.
  8. Android. Maps I downloaded build way to slow. Caches I downloaded still want Internet to show details and logs.
  9. I read this link, it seems the full Groundspeak app won't do offline maps. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=336410
  10. Anyone have a great way to geocache in offline mode, using gps only? Locus isn't working for me.
  11. Elzy5

    GPS Tracking Apps

    Yeah, I'm not going buy a separate device. My Active S6 works fine.
  12. That's what I thought too. So I tested that theory. Waited about 30 min, no update. So now, I just log out, then log back in, and they all are updated.
  13. Elzy5

    GPS Tracking Apps

    locus (does geocaching well also) backcountrynavigator maverick osmand oruxmaps check the markets suggested similar apps also, just dont wqste your time or money on the five thousand variations of trimble subscriptions listed that look like apps i prefer locus Thanks.
  14. So, I never noticed before, but when the wife and I geocache, and she does the logging on her iPhone, my app does not update and show the new log, nor does it switch to a smiley face.
  15. Elzy5

    GPS Tracking Apps

    I am looking for good GPS Tracking Apps. I need it to be able to use Waypoints, as in finding my way out of the woods and where I parked, and to locate one another. On Android I am using Handy GPS, it's okay, but the GUI is hard to use.
  16. I only have 1 cache, micro. I am just starting out. My goal is to place at least one of each style of cache.
  17. Newb question.I just bought a trackable tag. I have it activated. The question now, how do I start using it? I am creating a new cache for this. What do I do to include this travel bug? I could not find this info in FAQ or the book.
  18. That is a nice looking card!
  19. I like the bandaids, good idea! Anyone ever order from http://m.orientaltrading.com/mt/www.orientaltrading.com/party-supplies-a1-551135.fltr?
  20. I have a JavaScript one for lotto/lottery numbers.
  21. Yes. I plan on using vistaprint and getting plastic. Great ideas. Thanks.
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