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  1. Well, sadly I am getting out of the Geocaching biz. I want to sell my gear instead of having it just on the shelf doing nothing. My kids are too old to " be seen out in the woods with their father" and Work keeps me busy. Looking to get $100 shipped for it. Used one summer, in perfect working order, and includes all cables and manuals.




  2. Well, I was out caching on Weds. afternoon and I looked down into a brush pile. As I did, a branch snapped back and sliced into the cornea of my right eye. 6mm by 1mm laceration actually. Now for the past 21 years, I have played paintball and airsoft. I have always worn goggles and I have never received an eye injury. I start caching and one month into it and Wham! Any one else have a problem with this? Any one else wear glasses when poking around a cache site? Just curious what you may use to keep yourself safe. Seems like I have once again picked a sport/ hobby that requires eye protection! :D

  3. One question i can't find an answer to is do I have to trade a geocoin for a geocoin? Or is a geocoin something to be taken and moved to another spot regardless of what you trade for it. Sorry to high jack your thread, but it seemed like the appropriate place to ask for clarification. Thanks!

  4. Are we supposed to let muggles know what we are up to or do we keep it a secret? I mean, do I located a large cache and crack into it in front of every one or do I wait and come back later for it? I just think that locating something in front of a lot of prying eyes would make it fair game for them to take whatever they wanted. If this is a complete noob question, I apologize. Just curious about protocol. :D

  5. Just found out about this hobby last weekend. A ton of fun! Makes me feel like I'm part of this global secret that only a select few know about. I find myself looking at woods and parks thinking, "I wonder what's out there?" or "That would be a great place to hide a cache." :) Gonna get my own GPS soon and really get going in this. Finally found a hobby that can involve the whole family. My kids love it! :) Thanks again and I'll see you all around the forums. :)

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