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  1. Hi All, I got some excellent help here: http://www.garmap.co.za/forum//forum_posts...=6587&TPN=1 My basic problem was that I had NO info on my handset at all. I konw about the problems with MapSource, but as I share my GPS with my significant other, who needs the maps for PhD work...some broken software is better than none. Thanks everyone for your help! Especially iNokia who called me when he was in town to see if there was anything he could do!!
  2. Forgive me for being SO blonde about this...I have just a few more questions. But first it might help to have the whole story. I was given my GPS for Christmas with no software loaded (there's a long story for that but it's not important). I was under teh impression that I could buy a micro SD card preloaded with teh software, but found out I couldn't do that. So I bought the DVD which will unlock the software online. I have the orginal MapSource software that came with the GPS on my personal laptop. I now want to upgrade that and get the maps on my actual hand-held. So, basically what it boils down to is this: if I don't have MapSouce on my Work PC at all, can I still use my work PC to download the software from Garmap? or will I have to use my personal PC to do that? Edit: another way of looking at it is this: Suppose I use my work laptop to get the maps now (this afternoon) and then in 6months time, a new update is available, which I want to download. However, in the meantime, I have changed jobs and left my work laptop behind. Will I be able to use my new computer to get onto garmap and download the software update? Or will Garmap kick me out because I am not using the same computer as I originally did to download the maps?
  3. I asked this in the other garmap thread, but I need a quick answer so I'm starting this one quickly. I have the DVD with teh codes etc. to get the maps off the website. I know that the map sets are linked to one handset. My question is, is the Map Source software linked to one PC? I can download the software at work, but I don't want to do that if I am going to be stuck using my work computer for the software from now on. I'd rather arrange to use my personal PC. Help?
  4. OK so, I can have map source on various PC's, but if I want to update software, I can only use one pc?
  5. This may seem like a silly question, but I couldn't get any advice from the people at Cape Union or anything...! I know that the software is linked to one handset, that's fine. But is it linked to the PC that you download it with? I'm worried that if I use my work PC to download it and load it onto my handset, I'm stuck using my work PC forever. Can anyone advise?
  6. We spent a great weekend in PTA with some friends, and along the way, introduced them to Geocaching. They'd love to participate on their own, and at them moment they have a Garmin Nuvi 215. Is it possible to load points and use this to geocache? Any instructions would be appreciated as we tried without much success.
  7. Thanks guys, those all look great! We'll be in my little Golf, which, tough as it is, needs a bit of TLC... And I found out we're going to be in the Centurion area of PTA. We're very new at this, but generally prefer the outdoors/rural setting, rather than urban muggle dense settings. Thanks SO much for your input!
  8. The Other Half and I are heading up to Jhb & PTA for a quick weekend break next week. We're driving from Grahamstown to PTA in one go, so won't be doing much roadside caching (tight schedule) but, once we're in the area we will have approximately one morning free to go and do some caching. My question is this; I've looked at the map. There are literally HUNDREDS of caches. If you only had one morning in PTA (still waiting for an exact area) and the Northgate/Fourways area in Jhb. Which cache would you do?
  9. Anyone tried Google Chrome? It's what I'm using at the moment and so far, it seems to have fewer hangups.
  10. Hmm, I am guessing that one of them may have been Cousteau. As for the name of the vessel...for some reason Atlantis comes to mind, but I am not sure.
  11. We have just found two more caches, and I have tried to write a slightly longer note than I would have, based mostly on this thread. I agree, some caches are easier to write more for than others. Also, some people just don't have the knack or the will to write a lot. I promise to try to leave nice long logs when I do get to find some of your caches!
  12. Hi TCNZ, We're also pretty new to the game. We've found 11 so far, and missed or DNF a few more. It's a learning process! Keep plugging away and enjoying yourself! Cheers
  13. Don't know if it counts, but we've got to double figures...a whopping 11 finds
  14. Hmm, I was also going to say the ZCC but I am not sure that it is an actual building? More a gathering? Without Googling it, I am going to guess one of the ones in Ethiopia?
  15. Hi Andy Thanks I got your email, I've sent you the details. Tara
  16. Hi, I'm (very) new to all GC'ing, but I am loving it. My other half and I have a few ideas for places to hide traditional caches but I have two questions. I have read the guidelines relating to hiding caches in South Africa, specifically the areas relating to protected areas and National Parks. We want to hide four caches in the Great Fish River Reserve, an area run by Eastern Cape Parks, which, as far as I know, does not fall under the SANParks umbrella. The GFR Reserve straddles a district dirt road and anyone is able to access almost all areas of it (certain roads are clearly marked no-entry). There are no gates or booms to sign in. I know of one cache (GCYH7D) which has already been hidden; but on the other side of the river to where we would place our caches. My questions therefore are: 1. Do you forsee any problems with placing caches in this park? Without giving too much away, three of the caches would be in areas where people walk around anyway (i.e. allowed to exit the vehicle). 2. The fourth cache would be a little further off the beaten track. It is not a trail per se, but it is a known route that the dedicated could take (I myself have walked it as part of a university outing). Would I need to obtain specific permission for any of these caches? Do you have any guidelines or suggestions for me? I think these areas really need a cache, but I want to do it right!
  17. Hi everyone, I stumbled across Geocaching a few months ago and thought it was a brilliant idea! I didn't have a GPS or anything but I registered anyway. I got the other half interested and then when my parents gave me a GPS for Christmas 2009, we went on our first treasure hunt! We logged 9 finds between Grahamstown and Lady Grey between Xmas and New Years We're hooked. Already planning some nice spots to hide a few more! Cheers Tara & John
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