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  1. I had great plans to steal questions from our local pub quiz last night, but then had to go to a meeting instead. Let me try think of one over lunch before I send it back to you
  2. That's Sea Shepperd, and they are ecoterrorists/eco freedom fighters, depending on how you read international maritime law.
  3. Correct, with a population of ~170 000 and two Nobel prizes (one literature and one economics), St Lucia averages one Nobel prize for every 85 000 citizens. Not too shabby!
  4. Its not one of the Leeward Islands, but it is one of the Lesser Antilles. Not the Netherland Antilles though. Trinidad and Tobago is also not it.
  5. Nope West Indies, yes, but its none of these.
  6. Nope. When I said Fiji and New Zealand were close, I didn't mean geographically, just that its an island nation.
  7. Nope. Nor that Neither of these, though you're on the right track...
  8. Luxembourg (pop ~500 000) does have more Nobel Prize winners per capita than Iceland (pop ~320 000), having collected a second late last year, after the quiz show in question was filmed. There is one country which trumps both though...
  9. Very close - but looking for the "?" and it is NOT the earthcache Linksfield Radio Tower?
  10. This was the answer given on a popular quiz show recently, but its not correct. I'll tell you why once someone gets the correct answer.
  11. Nope, numbers for SA are (about) 50mil population and 9 Nobel prizes, puts SA well out of contention.
  12. Thanks cincol, that was a bit unexpected. Which country has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita?
  13. This was warm. I know, but it has 2 directions, making elimination twice as much effort. Anyway, I'm stopping the elimination game now, it might be within the rules, but its not really cricket.
  14. I have one of these feelings that he might not have won too many, as he was too busy racing overseas. Anyway, since I'm only guessing anyway, I'll be systematic. One? Nein. He won plenty! Two?
  15. I have one of these feelings that he might not have won too many, as he was too busy racing overseas. Anyway, since I'm only guessing anyway, I'll be systematic. One?
  16. This one is for you CH: GC39K2C With special emphasis on this pic (Sorry to Tom for the temporary thread hijack)
  17. About the first question: I don't have the logs for the last few days - I'll only be in a position to answer this by Friday. I don't understand what you mean with reviving unfound caches? Thanks Danie, I'll check back in a few weeks, we will be offline from tomorrow until about the 23rd, so I guess there is no rush to process my questions. By reviving I mean finding these caches which have not been found in a while. I guess I should have made the questions clearer: What are the longest gaps between finds on caches in SA, and who has been logging these finds?
  18. The 25 longest unfound caches in South Africa: 1. GCHB5H Facing the Knife Edge, Montagu, Western Cape 2006/02/13: 5.75 years 2. GCHB5J Bald Ibis Heights, Montagu, Western Cape 2006/02/13: 5.75 years 3. GCHB5K Beyond the Great Mystery, Montagu, Western Cape 2006/02/13: 5.75 years 4. GCT60Y Five Tibetans, Western Cape, 2007/01/03: 4.87 years 5. GCVY6J Mudskipper Mayhem, Kwazulu Natal, 2007/07/21: 4.32 years 6. GCXEW9 Solitree, Gauteng, 2007/08/26: 4.22 years 7. GCW7AQ Magnificent Mountains, Eastern Cape, 2007/09/14: 4.17 years 8. GCXBGM Porcelain, Mpumalanga, 2007/09/25: 4.14 years 9. GCXBGQ Black Eagle, Mpumalanga, 2007/09/25: 4.14 years 10. GCXBGR Sweaty Palms, Mpumalanga, 2007/09/25: 4.14 years 11. GCXGXF High Road, Mpumalanga, 2007/09/25: 4.14 years 12. GCD994 Uitkyk Kop, Western Cape, 2007/09/26: 4.14 years 13. GCTP9F De Bruin Dam, Eastern Cape, 2007/09/30: 4.13 years 14. GC822B Papkuilsfontein 4X4, Northern Cape, 2007/11/24: 3.98 years 15. GC16KQ6 Croc, Limpopo, 2007/11/28: 3.96 years 16. GCRD0N Mazeppa Bay, Eastern Cape, 2008/01/06: 3.86 years 17. GCYMH6 Majubasnek, Eastern Cape, 2008/02/09: 3.76 years 18. GCPJYZ Silvermere, Eastern Cape, 2008/02/10: 3.76 years 19. GCTBTQ Helenius Postma's Resting Place, Eastern Cape, 2008/02/10: 3.76 years 20. GCQ2D2 Smithfield, Free State, 2008/02/24: 3.72 years 21. GC199Z5 Black Holes, Eastern Cape, 2008/02/29: 3.71 years 22. GC1902T Ivory Trail - Camp Ntomeni, Limpopo, 2008/03/01: 3.71 years 23. GC16727 A Scuba Miracle, North West, 2008/04/06: 3.61 years 24. GC17Y0Z Nsami View, Limpopo, 2008/05/23: 3.48 years 25. GC1C24G Upper Kei, Eastern Cape, 2008/07/11: 3.35 years (The original list was published on 22 March 2009.) The same cacher who set up the 1/5 found two caches off this list (that I know of). Have any other caches on this list been found recently? is there anyway of seeing which cachers have "revived" caches after they have been unfound, and which the longest gaps are?
  19. There is a new 1/5 in the EC: GC39YT1, published 8 days ago.
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