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  1. Hi All, 

    We have moved away from Grahamstown and are unable to maintain our caches placed around that area. I have archived many that have not been found in a long time (We have had a bit of a hiatus from caching!) but have only temporarily disabled those that have been found recently. If there is anyone who would like to take over ownership of any or all of teh followin please get in touch:

    School Boys Go to War
    Grey Dam
    Gowrie Dam (The series has been archived, but these caches can stand alone)
    Sidbury Sports Club
    Holy Water


  2. Writing an essay (opstel)?


    Close enough. He won the medal in the general literature category, for a poem called "Ode to Sport".


    The artistic section was cut from the Olympics because of an argument over the entrants status as amateurs. The sportsmen all had other jobs to do, but the many of the artists were professionals, so it was deemed to be against the Olympic spirit. Based on the fact that this has gone out of the window now, maybe they will bring them back? Probably not...


    Full List:



    EDIT: SA won a silver and a bronze, putting us joint 18th on the all time artistic medals list.

  3. In those days it was called the 100 yard Dash! :P His age at the time - 19 years and some odd days - still the youngest ever gold medalist in track and field!


    Just like the mile that became the 1500m ;)


    Keeping with the theme: Pierre de Coubertin is known as the father of the modern olympics. What is less well known is that he also won a gold medal in 1912. What discipline did he win?

  4. Through a process of elimination I [or somebody else] would have guessed it eventually.


    Reggie Walker was the first South African ever to win a GOLD at the Olympics. He also holds the record as being the YOUNGEST person ever to win this particular discipline. This was in 1908. What did he win it for? [bonus prize - how old was he?]


    I was going to suggest one of the obscure artistic disciplines, but I discovered they were only introduced in 1912.


    Ummm, Shot put?

  5. Going to take a chance - Salazar - can't think of his first name.

    Sorry - poor wording - I am looking for a number - e.g. 8 or 12. All the top times were recorded by Africans.


    The fastest non African time I have is by USA athlete Ryan Hall in Boston in 2011


    42. The only logical answer :ph34r:

  6. Terribly sorry!!! :o :o :o :o I genuinely thought you confirmed it as being Badman.

    Consulting my reference again I now see that it was Martin Crowe [vs Sri Lanka '90/'91] but I have screwed this session of questions up completely. :wacko: :wacko: My apologies.


    You are indeed correct with Jacques Kallis. :ph34r: So that means in reality it is your turn for a question.


    Not a prob;em, figured it was just a mistake ;)


    One of us is in Doha Airport, the other is about to start a hockey tournament, so neither of us are in a position to ask questions/check answers. So back to you for a question.

  7. Sir Donald Bradman had a top score of 299. I know he never made a triple. Will go with him.


    The Don's highest test score was actually 334. He also scored 304 once, and 299 once. Only problem is, his 299 was a not out...


    Eish - On checking again I see now that my reference was only referring to the 1932/33 season - no wonder!! :unsure::rolleyes:


    Here goes with a new one then.


    He has played more test matches for his country than anybody else and has scored over 4000 test runs more than the next best batsman. He has over 40 test centuries behind his name with an average in excess of 56. He has also taken 275 test wickets with a best of 9/92. Only 3 other players have taken more wickets for their country than him. Who is he?


    Ahem, I'm stil looking for the only man to be out for 299 in a test...


    And you are thinking of Jacques Kallis.

  8. Green Mealie also helped us out when we were in Zim in January, he's very passionate about geocaching, despite the lack of caches in Zim to find. I think he owns more than half the Zim listings, so not much for him to search for!


    If you head through Harare give him a shout, I'm sure he will help out with a few of the out of the way caches.


    He also volunteered to help with some maintenance on some caches we placed there, so if you are want to leave a physical container in a foreign land, this is the way to go about it.

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