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  1. OK, I have an easy fix for the first problem, but it's the second that I am afraid of. 1st fix: If every cache owner goes to each of his/her cache sites, and moves the cache 0.0000000000023176" to the left, everything will be back to normal as far as geocaching goes. Now, it's the second problem that is scary. Have you noticed that it is slightly warmer today than normal. The earth is off its axis. If you don't believe me, watch the Twilight Zone episode on New Years Day. Everyone will be sweating soon. Save some water, people will be killing for it. OK, don't flame me. Just a little humor. Yes, I feel very bad for those poor people effected. It's just some of the posts in this thread that set me off.
  2. Your welcome. Hope you enjoy your new toy.
  3. Well, to get back to the original theme, The product should definately be more intuitive. Still not sure how to view my routes on the City Select maps. I'll keep playing, but it shouldn't be this painful. Granted, the magellan Roadmate 700 is made strictly for diving, but anyone can take it out of the box and drive. A couple of hours playing, and you're an expert. Doesn't work for geocaching though. I was hoping for a unit that would do both well.
  4. I guess my basic question is, how do I search for exits, cities, etc. on maps other than the built in base maps? I have City Select maps loaded on my unit, but all of the searches seem to be using the built in base maps.
  5. I have a 76cs and I loaded City Select maps on it for my area. When I go into Setup => Maps, I see the maps that I loaded onto the unit, and they are all checked. Now I hit the find button and select exits, the bottom of the screen indicates "base maps", and it appears that the choices are limited, as they would be if I only had base maps. How do I search for exits on the City Select maps?
  6. Like I said I know how to perform each function so I don't have any questions right now, but I appreciate your offer to help, and will take you up on it if I get stuck. Thanks, G O Casher
  7. I have to agree with Yin Yang Pony. The manual does stink! What's more upsetting is that I needed a manual at all. Most electronics I buy I can master after playing with it for an hour or so. I got the baics down OK for geocaching. As far as using it for driving directions I would give it a thimbs down at this point. I have a Magellan 700 for driving that blows this thing away. It is much more inuitive. Just my first impressions, since I only have it for a day.
  8. I bought the 76cs a couple of weeks ago at GPSNOW.COM. It was the best price I could find at a reputable place, and came to $435.00. After the $50.00 rebate, it comes to $385.00, which is only about $20-25 more than the 60cs. gpsnow.com also goes by the name 4x4books.com, and they are listed on the Garmin website as an authorized dealer, and they send an original invoice to send in with the rebate. Good luck
  9. BTW - The best price that I could find from a reputable on-line dealer was $435 from GPSNOW. They are an authorized Garmin Dealer (listed on the Garmin site as 4X4Books), and included a seperate receipt and rebate form.
  10. Yes, it definately does. It has all of the features that the 60CS has, but alot more memory. Checkout the Garmin site and you can do a side by side comparison.
  11. You can get the 76CS for around $435 and Garmin is offering a $50 rebate which brings it to $385. Great unit with alot of memory and it's very versitile. If you add city select you can use it in your car, and it's the same size as the 60CS for geocaching.
  12. I use a 6 pack cooler bag.
  13. Well, I am not a PC expert, but if the site starts out with https instead od http, I believe that means it's a secure site. Looked like The-GPS-Place was secure when ordering. The Compwestusa site did not appear to be secure, although I did not go that far with the order process beause I got a message about some unknown cookie trying to invade my PC, so I just backed off. Probably could call in the order if I buy from them.
  14. The Garmin 76CS is $415.00. They are in Florida, and the shipping to NY is $9.50, for a total of $424.50. Seems reasonable. Doesn't look like it's a secure site though, so I would probably phone in my order. 60C = $335 76C = $385 60CS = $375
  15. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with CompWest.net. They seem to have good prices, but I am wondering how reputable they are. Example: I have been shopping around for a Garmin 76CS. They have it for $415.00. With the $50 rebate being offered by Garmin, that's $365.00. Best price I have found so far!
  16. I am pretty sure that they don't sell any product on their web site. They have a list of vendors that you could buy from. The only problem you could possibly run into is if you buy a unit on ebay. It says NO ONLINE AUCTIONS to get rebate.
  17. I went to Galyans and placed both units flat on the counter. As far as overall length, both the 60 and 76 are about the same. Depth, they are also the same, and width, the 60 is about 5/16ths" narrower. In terms of weight, the 76 felt slightly lighter (general concensus of me, my wife and the sales person), but at best/worst, they were the same. The 60 appears to be much smaller, but when measured tip to tip, it is actually the same.
  18. Hey, Then it's a no brainer. Same price, more memory, floats better and slightly better built in maps. I held both in my hand a the local sporting goods store. Both felt comfortable and were about the same weight. Buttons on top or bottom is a matter of getting used to the one you own. Overal physical size was also very close. santa clause is coming . . . . . . to town!
  19. The Garmin web site states that the 60 CS has a special geocaching mode. Does the 76 CS also have that mode? That could be an important factor in my decission. Thank you, G O Casher
  20. Good info! Thank you all. I will take another look at the 76CS with the rebate. I have also been reading another recent thread Here which talks to the differences / pros & cons / preferences between the two. When I was researching the 60CS, it looked as though it had specific geocaching features such as cache downloading where it captured the cache hints, logged the find, etc. Does the 76CS also have those features? Thank you.
  21. I am thinking of getting a new GPSr, and I really like the Garmin GPSMAP 60CS. I like the idea of the color display, which I understand is easy to read. Also like many of the features which seem like they would be a cachers dream. Plus, I could use it on my bike. So my question is, what is the best price that you have seen it for. I saw it in a few places on the web for around $389.00. If you have seen it for less I'd really like to know about it before I take the plunge. As always, thanks for help. G O Casher
  22. I stand corrected! Certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. Of course I know that I could always notify the person if I thought he was hoarding my TB, but as you state, he only has it for a few weeks. What I was mistaken about was the 100 TB's on his stats which led to my assumption. Like I said, it's no big deal. That's life. I don't take this that seriously. It's for fun. Sometimes this forum gets a little too intense.
  23. My TB fell into the hands of a guy who has over 100 bugs. Apparently he gets a kick out of collecting them. My bug clearly states, "PLEASE KEEP ME ON THE MOVE", but now it's probably sitting on this guys desk with no chance of moving. What can you do? That's life. Some people play by the rules and have regard for others, and some people only care about themselves.
  24. Good idea IV_Warrior. I'll give it a try. Thanks, G O Casher
  25. This may already be available, but if it is I don't know how to do it. I would like to be able to search for ONLY cache sites from my home coordinates that contain travel bugs. If it's not available today, may be a good feature to add. If it was then possible to find, say, only cache sites with Yellow Jeeps, that would be nice too. Thoughts? Thank you, G O Casher
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