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  1. On my public profile in the statistics tab it says "[invalid Resource Key: String.LongestSlump]". BIG thanks for this major Update!
  2. I can't see a Favicon and I'd like to see a line over the signature. Other than that, I think it's much better than the old version. Maybe I'm gonna post more often from now on.
  3. AFAIK you don't need EasyGPS to send the query to your Colorado, you just have to plug it to an USB port and copy the unzipped files from the query to the directory "Garmin/GPX" on the internal storage or an external memory card.
  4. I think that's Portuguese. Maybe a mod can move this to the right forum?
  5. Of course, I'll try to help you. Oh, and welcome to Geocaching!
  6. It's frown upon in the forums to ask for help on solving a specific puzzle cache. Everyone could then read the solution and I think that's not what the cache owner wants. Why don't you ask him or somebody who solved the puzzle via E-Mail?
  7. Certainly. FASTEST RESPONSE EVER!!!
  8. Use Firefox. No, seriously, I don't have any Problems on Firefox, so it has to be a browser specific issue. Any Add-Ons that could cause this problem?
  9. I just checked the site information for a cache page in Firefox and saw that there is an RSS feed for the gallery images! Did anyone notice this before? It's really awesome to be notified of new gallery images!
  10. Nice tribute - I actually had to fight with the tears.
  11. It's easiest to use a GPSr with a built-in averaging function. But you can also go to the location, save a waypoint and repeat this a few times. (But make sure you wait at least a few hours before saving a new waypoint). Then you can average the coordinates with a program, I'm sure there is one.
  12. Cool! I'm workin' on one at my computer! Oh, could you please PM me your Email adress so that I can mail it to you?
  13. It's to prevent from searching caches only with Google Earth. I don't know the exact reasons.
  14. I have the problem that I hadn't had an account when I found my first few caches and now I don't know anymore which they were. And this ANNOYS me.
  15. Film canisters, pill bottles... those are "micro" sized cache containers. Many don't like them and many micros are bad. *** DISCLAIMER: (I didn't say ALL micros are bad! )
  16. Settings -> look for something like "compass" (I don't know the exact wording now.)
  17. That was the map screen, you just hadn't downloaded any maps. No, for example the eTrex H has this screen... no maps. And you can't download any.
  18. My first GPS device was a Garmin eTrex H - no map, as Whittling Fisher mentioned. I found about 250 caches with it when I decided to buy a Garmin Oregon 450. I loaded the free OpenStreetMap for Garmin devices on it and - yes, how did I find the way before? It's very comfortable to let the GPSr find the way for you. The Oregon 450 is not the cheapest unit, of course, but it's worth it's money. And the best is the free map! (Back on topic - what are the benefits of a map on the GPSr? Well, imagine your car navigation system had no maps, just an arrow... )
  19. Exactly, at this point you didn't find it. Even if it wasn't there (and you didn't know) you did not find the cache - so leave the log.
  20. In Hesse, Germany: 669 caches. (My finds included.) In North-Rhine Westphalia (where I go to a boarding school): 982 caches. (My finds included; Feels like 90% are Mysteries. *puke*)
  21. Oh yes, of course, one could use a CD - then no one could modify the data...
  22. What about using a SD card and permanently locking it? (For example, by removing the write protection switch and replacing it with a wire) - and using an old, cheap 256 MB-Card where it wouldn't be that bad when it gets lost...
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