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  1. Thanks for the kind words, everyone!! We're both hoping to meet everyone soon.......at an event or a CITO...... Til then!
  2. Nick- Welcome to the obsession!
  3. Congratulations!! You are where we wish to be........
  4. This is a good rule of thumb (IMHO).... Well-hid micros in the woods cut down on the hiking/exploring time, and increase the search time, with a low "rate of return". (Micros are fine, but you can't put much in them..) The enjoyment of geocaching comes from the journey, the search is the 'work' part (so to speak), and the cache contents the 'reward' for the find. While it shouldn't be too easy to find a cache, it should be reasonable (and properly reflected in the rating). OK........flame away.
  5. And this means? (For those of us keeping score at home )
  6. Cult.........no. Afflicted with OCD.........YES. (And that's from my fellow GCer wife!) People thing I'm strange when I shift into zealot mode, but that's a different thing altogether.
  7. We post DNFs when we've given up on a cache, not each time we've tried it...... Sometime it is after one shot, sometimes it's half a dozen.
  8. I would not be offended.....tho I might ask for a day's 'head start' on the new one.
  9. Found this one day while, I think, googling.... Couch Potato Caches Good for a snowy winter day.
  10. Lakeside Beach State Park Route 18 Waterport, NY 14571 The lake is Lake Ontario
  11. Very good points! However, we could adopt a '30 day' rule for archived caches. That should be enough time for the owners to retrieve it. They can also put a note in the online log saying that it has been retrieved..... If they don't pick it up in 30 days, it's considered litter. Just a thought......
  12. Very true, but there are some areas of the country (Northern Jersey included) that have no organization. I've created a CITO event (sort of a reverse CITO, but we can have that discussion another time) that should provide an impetus to better internal maintenance. Here's my CITO listing..... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2d-741913620412
  13. Our thoughts and prayers to both Darkcacher's and Joe Smith's families........
  14. Yes, didn't you hear? Stay off my corner biatch!! As long as we don't start marking territory.......
  15. KA- I offered to pick up the virtuals in Central/Eastern PA.... since they involved minimal (if any) maintenance..... I was told that they weren't up to GC specs. That's OK and all, but I visited the sites yesterday (during a two-tank marathon) and some of them were very cool. Would hate to see good ones go astray.
  16. I'm thinking Philip Michael Thomas.........maybe?
  17. We're from the Northeast corner........Dumont in Bergen County to be specific.
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