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  1. Janet and I both want to express our condolences to the Mueller family.


    We met Helmut a few times at events, and a few more times on Sunday mornings competing for FTFs. He was a kind man, and earned our deep respect.


    Team Kwiksilver

    Bill and Janet

  2. Folks


    I've run into a problem with the Macro SPEEDMODE command. To speed up access in the DATASAVE command....


    I turn SPEEDMODE STATUS=On before the DATASAVE.

    At the end of the macro, I call SPEEDMODE STATUS=Off.


    After running the macro, the view listing the caches is there, but you cannot select another cache. If you try to exit and backup, I get a LIST INDEX OUT OF BOUNDS (8) exception.


    Any suggestions?

  3. Clyde n Folks


    I know we're getting close to D minus zero, but I have a few questions.


    Build 56


    - Is there a way to limit the DATASAVE command to the current MFILTER as well as the FILTER? (It is time-consuming to save everything in a filter when the command only effects one record.)


    - Does VSUB affect the use of variables in some commands, such as FILEREAD


    FILEREAD ($_Install+"\autonum.dat")

    ..........gives an error


    SET $DATAFILE=$_Install+"\autonum.dat"

    FILEREAD ($Datafile)

    ....works fine.



  4. I get a "Error communicating with your device...etc" when the tracks are large. The Track page on the GPS now shows 66% full. It won't transfer to the Mapsource software. It starts the transfer and gets to about 15-44% done and fails.

    Have you tried to transfer the track using some other software package (such as ExpertGPS) to try and determine if the problem is the hardware or the software?

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