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  1. kenas

    12-12-12 Geocoin

    Where can you buy them?
  2. Check them out if you haven't already done so. Let's support the local distributors that are in the Toronto and Ontario area. Happy caching!
  3. Ontario is a big province so I'm sure there is enough business to go around. Another option is never a bad thing.
  4. There is a new online retailer serving the Toronto area. They are Cacher's Corner Store and can be found at www.cacherscornerstore.com.
  5. Don't work there but my wife has family in Rocanville and have been there a few times. Unfortunately didn't have time to find a cache during our last visit for a wedding. There was a major snowstorm on April 30th, 2011 and failed to get my SK badge.
  6. Are you a LinkedIn user? If so, join the group called Geocaching Canada. I created the group as another forum type location for Canadian geocachers. However, in addition it may lead to wonderful professional networking. I look forward to seeing you there if you do use LinkedIn. Cheers, Ken
  7. kenas

    Does anyone know?

    Hello Al, It was myself and a friend putting on the presentation. Feel free to contact me. Regards, Ken (kenas)
  8. It feels like Christmas...can't wait to get mine!!! Have other attachments/decals for my car ready to go also! It isn't said enough...thank you for all of your efforts on this project!!!
  9. Thank you all! Won't have time to create list thus time, but great idea for next event I attend with collection.
  10. WOW - All Ontario reviewers! Look forward to meeting you there perhaps!
  11. I have a small coin collection and will be attending an event this weekend. Should I take my coins for others to discover? How does this work? Do I let them record tracking number from the coin that is in my "collection"?
  12. I am in it also this issue...twice! My 100th find and my 40th birthday cake is featured!
  13. I have a Sony Ericsson X10 and it works great for caching. I believe they have newer Sony phones now that should even be better. Good luck!
  14. Thank you! Any idea how to determine number of active Ontario geocaching accounts? I have a message into GC.com also.
  15. I am putting together a Geocaching 101 seminar to give at a local library soon. Would anyone know where I might be able to find current statistics for: - Number of cachers in Canada and Ontario? - Number of active caches in Canada and Ontario? Thank you, and happy caching! Cheers, Ken
  16. Does anyone know where I might find statistics on number of active caches and players over the life of the sport/hobby? Looking for information to put together a 101 seminar at local library. Thank you!
  17. Does anyone know of an active one that would show your stats on FB? It appears all the ones I've found are no longer working. Thank you in advance. Happy caching!!!
  18. I've seen some users with much more detailed Profile Pages. (FTF stats, etc.) How do you get this type of page? Is it based on your number of finds?
  19. I would love to see somehow that your FTF totals were listed. Although I do not have a FTF as yet it does appear to be a statistic worth tracking. Possible?
  20. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me!!! I lost a geocoin that was found in a cache almost 2 years ago and I just found it in our home when doing some cleaning. Today when I tried to activate it again I marked it as "Discovered", when I should have marked it as "Retrieved from another location" since it had since been removed from the original cache where it was found. So, today I dropped it in another cache, but was unable to record my drop as it was not listed in my inventory. What do I do now??? I've emailed the coin owner to see what he can do, or provide me with the tracking code so that I can fix my mistake. Any other suggestions?
  21. I'm in for mine, and have my fingers crossed that this will be a GO!!! Come on everyone...let's make this happen by spreading the word on all possible social media sites related to geocaching!!! It's in our best interests to do so!!!
  22. Go with neongeo as cgeo is having issues due to the Google Maps issue. I just switched and it is worth the small cost!
  23. kenas

    Ammo Can Source

    Princess Auto was a great source! Thank you!
  24. If you are a Premium Member could you not create a query and upload into your phone for offline use when there?
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