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  1. Have you looked at the map? Pretty sure they would be showing by now. Look at the US or Europe. All showing TB's
  2. I guess they forgot to send any to Canadians. Boooo!!!!
  3. This may seem like a stupid question but I'm fairy new to Geocaching and I'm allowed to ask stupid questions....lol. Anyways, I know how to discover a bug. My question is, what does it really do for you? I see no stats in my profile for discoveries not like when you find a cache and get a smiley. So what's the big deal?
  4. Yes the cache is active but in very poor shape. I just think th CO doesn't cache anymore as he/she has another cache that has gone missing and is now disabled by a reviewer. You are right, I don't want the cache, i want the area.
  5. I am fairly new to the caching world and would like to know how to take over someones cache. The reason i ask is there is a cache very close to my house but the cache owner has not been active for over two years. I would love to put a TB hotel on my property but im within 528' of this cache. Any advice would be great.
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