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  1. Thanks for including Earthcaches! Very cool!

    Just keep in mind that not everything you read on an Earthcache listing will actually be correct. :laughing: And sometimes the cache owner doesn't care enough to try to be accurate. :laughing:

    I looked at the two EC's and they did sound quite interesting vs some of his others I have done but I'm not sure I want to be standing in a creek digging for agets & turtle turds in January.

  2. I need to talk to the wife, but put us down as maybe's.

    We have to pull out of this, I've booked a show for that evening and just won't have time for the hike, cleaning up, packing and traveling to the gig. Have fun!

    Bummer the cancel, still glad you're seeing work.


    LandRover, is your knee up to this or should I work on a different hike as plan B?

    I'm still a go, not sure what kind of stress snowshoeing will put on it but I can always stop, probably won't be any worse than Lichtenwasser Lake with a 50# pack, better not jinx myself.

  3. I'm a maybe.

    I'm trying to schedule my knee repair for Dec. 3rd so depending on if I can get it done then, how fast it heals, the doctor said some people are up and about in just a few days while others take a couple of months, and how close we can park, or I could always get a wheel chair and have you push......

    What are you having done? I had arthroscopic surgery in June 2008 and was back to basically normal in a week. I had the same knee replaced almost seven weeks ago and am nowhere near normal. I can get around on reasonable terrain, but would not want to try trails yet.

    Having a torn meniscus in my right knee repaired.

  4. I'm a maybe.

    I'm trying to schedule my knee repair for Dec. 3rd so depending on if I can get it done then, how fast it heals, the doctor said some people are up and about in just a few days while others take a couple of months, and how close we can park, or I could always get a wheel chair and have you push......


    Surprisingly there isn't a lot of caches in that area. What's up with that? They either cluster together or there isn't anything there. I looked at the general area and the usual suspects have already hit most of them. There are a couple that look interesting, but look close to cliff edges (per map view) to make me feel warm and fuzzy about safety issues. I just sent a message to M10B about one of his caches to get a feel for it's location. It looks like the view would be breathtaking on a nice snowy day.


    -=-=Edited to add=-=-


    I just located a cache where Criminal has an opportunity to make good on a DNF.

    GCK1T3 Tribute to Ronald Reagan


    Just got word back from M10B to be wary of the cliff edge near the cache location but should be ok.

    GC1HDET Rolling Thunder 4 (The Palisades)


    So it's a toss up and will depend on which one gets the votes. I'm planning for Saturday on the T-Day weekend .

    I'm game for either one. I was just up in the area today playing in the snow on the Naches Trail at 4600'.

    It's amazing how much better the ol' Land Rover handles the snow with decent tires.


  6. The event will go on - rain, snow, or shine - this time. :blink:


    Maybe all three!


    FRIDAY NIGHT rain.gif



    SATURDAY shwday.gif


  7. There's a tropical storm on the way that may melt most of the 12-16" of accumulation we'll gain today and tomorrow. Icy conditions may prevail though. Yak traks maybe?

    I'll have my Micro Spikes, the ones I left in the back of the Land Rover while I slipped and slid on the walkway and rocks at Washington Pass last weekend. As I was sliding down the icy rocks I thought of the Big Hump affair. :signalviolin:

  8. This little guy was a few feet from "Elves Explore the Forest" (GCQTH0). Let's just say MsIDFC screamed, dropped her sunglasses, and ran... :)



    We went to the Tri-Cities for the CCMII a couple of weeks ago and the only snake I saw all weekend was a garter snake, I could have stayed home to see that. :lol:

  9. Alrighty folks...I'm heading back to the great PNW for another visit. I'm starting out from the Bremerton area and since I used to work at Kalaloch I'll be heading that way to stay for for a couple days to do some hiking. I'll be with non-cachers so my caching time will be limited - unfortunately! I know that there are no caches in the park but I would appreciate your input on which caches are your favorites or that you think are "must do this ones" along my route to these areas:


    Bremerton (already have Dr. Who's Sibling bookmarked)


    Port Townsend


    Sol Duc






    I did see the Sequim topic and am watching that.


    Thanks in advance!

    You say you want to do some hiking, so something that would interest your non-caching friends would be cache landing at tullis canyon its about a 3.5 mile one way hike with moderate elevation gain for the first 3 miles then the last .5 mile or so you gain about 500'.

  10. Would anyone who's backpacked the Enchantments drop me a line please. We want to try for a permit next year, but are butting heads over the route. I don't think I'm physically capable of doing Aasgard Pass and Sue's afraid of the granite wall on the Snow Lakes approach.

    You would probably have better luck with this over at NWHikers.net

  11. A most excellent hike we had today. Okay the hike was all road walking but the loch was perfect. MtnMutt paddled his "flotation device" over to the island and the cache while I wandered around TRYING to catch some fish. I hooked several but never got to actually touch one, not necessarily a bad thing, they were all pretty small but I still had a good time. I eventually got brave enough to actually do a little bit of swimming too. There is no trace of the old boat that was there the last time I was there, but there were 3 rubber rafts stashed in the bushes one that looked like it might still be viable had we brought the right type of pump.


  12. I'll be there. How about meeting at the NB QFC about 8:30 or 9? Then we take one vehicle in?

    I like 0830, I'll be the one driving a Land Rover. One vehicle sounds fine, I'll let you do the driving if you want.



  13. I know it has been awhile, but here is what I now do (after having been introduced to it on a recent climb up Mt Shasta). I don't stuff my tent into the sack it came with at all, except for when storing it. I do stuff it into my backpack to help fill the space around it. I now find that I can be more efficient with space if I am not confined to the stuff sack! It is awesome! Not only is my pack more compact, bit it is better balance and I have more control over that balance. The poles and pegs still remain in their sacks, but they are either lashed to the outside or fed down on the inside of the pack depending on the circumstance. I was reluctant to do this at first because I was concerned about the tent, but it worked out better than I imagined. Just my two cents

    What happens when your tent gets rained on?

  14. Since the pathway into Lake is overgrown, Canoes and Kayaks would be a bit of problem getting in.


    I have an old Metal Canoe I was going to Portage there but reviews by others, state it would be too much work.


    :anibad: OK.. The weather has turned against me. As we all know Safety First, to Cache another day..


    So, I shall wait for some nice weather then proceed with the Launch of the SS Minnow.


    Since I'm waiting for that nice Saturday for this pleasure cruise. :laughing: Is there any others who would like to sign on as Crew?


    I heard from an old Logger Dude that this was a Great Lake for Fishing. Hmmm, Logger and Fishing, interesting.

    Next week end would be good for me after that I'm up for the rest of the month.

  15. Well, hike or no hike we're still meeting tonight around 5:30ish to discuss hiking, drink beer, and eat fud. Mostly we're going to drink beer. If anyone else likes beer, they're welcome to join us at the Parkway Tavern in Tacoma. We'll be there drinking beer and eating and talking. But mostly drinking beer. Well, I'm sure somebody will say something once and a while, we're not all just going to sit there staring at the table.

    I just like to watch the drunks :D

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