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  1. If I count the days correctly, you are leaving on July 2, the date of this event. Bummer. Be prepared for anything weather wise from rain and 40 degrees to sunshine and 80 degrees. On the trail, the right trail is obvious after you cross the bridge over the creek. If you think you are looking at an old railroad bed and you have not crossed the bridge, it isn't. Otherwise, no problem. Apparently WM you need to brush up on your math skill, maybe you've been retired too long. According to your calculation keithlemons would be leaving 26 days before he gets here.
  2. It's a good thing you posted about your SUNDAY soccer league or I'd have been sitting in the parking lot SATURDAY morning wondering where the h3ll everyone else was.
  3. I guess I should chime in with a will be there. With my micro spikes just in case
  4. I think that might be illegal. Nothing illegal about filing for something you're entitled to. It might be a good idea to file anyway to get your waiting week out of the way. That way if you need it later on you get it right away w/o having to do the waiting week.
  5. I guess I should actually say I'M IN.
  6. Not to get too technical on ya but South Mountains not south of Olympia. Its as far north of Olympia as Federal Way is. How about Buck's Crossing Between Elbe and Ashford on the way to the Nisqually entrance to Mt. Rainier and it is south of Olympia?
  7. I'll be coming form Federal Way so if you want we could hook up there. Should you accept this challenge there are only a couple of rules for riding in the Land Rover: 1. I usually stop at McD's for a Mc(fill in the blank). If you're hungry and want something too, BRING YOUR OWN MONEY and don't say "I'm hungry but didn't bring any money" in a whiny voice. 2. At the end of the day don't leave you garbage in the Land Rover take it with you. 3. Don't make me come up with any new rules for the next newbie. Note: Absence of emoticons intentional!
  8. Another one I've been eying for quite some time is Aix & Pains near Bumping Lake. With the low amount of snow we got this year it seems like this would be a good late spring (May/June) hike before it gets too hot over there.
  9. I prefer the handgun... me too. Specially after stumbling on to a homeless person sleeping in the trees behind a hotel. So you needed a gun as you intruded into someone elses "home". That must be why burglars need to carry guns too, just in case they are confronted by an occupant of the residence in which they are intruding.
  10. AndrewRJ risking life and limb for a photo op. FYI My track log only showed about 8.2 miles after I weeded out the track wander from all the stops.
  11. I'm a maybe, depends on how I feel after Saturday's hike.
  12. If we make it all the way to glacier falls cache it's between 10 & 11 miles. It is a pretty flat hike the only real elevation gain is between MC and glacier falls cache and that's not too bad (400' in .75 miles)
  13. I plan to be there. Speaking of expanding the HOTM zone I still want to head south and do Revenge of GP Crater Insanity.
  14. Six of one half dozen of the other since I've done them both. Although I would like to see the new location of the Monte Cristo Concentrator Cache after all the hubbub about the cache being in a Superfund site (it wasn't) and such. That concentrator, the Boston American and 1 of 2 in the area, was never put into production as it was built in anticipation of the reactivation of the Boston American mine that never happened. The other concentrator is the one on the Superfund list, and it is surrounded by a construction fence to warn people away. If it is decided to do Monte Cristo a visit to the Mont Cristo Preservation Association web site is a good starting point to get some accurate history and info about the area. Printing out a copy of the MCPA Brochure to bring along would also add a lot to the experience.
  15. Could be another snow shoe hike that isn't too snow shoie. Recient Trip report from the cache owner.
  16. I'm leaning on the ain'tgonabethere side of the fence at this point. If I do make it it will be a last minutes decision and I may decide to rent some x-country skis to try out.
  17. I was able to put off our shopping day until Sunday so I'm in. I might be able to borrow you a pair from my SIL. I'll let you know by Wednesday.
  18. I'm out. The Saturday before Christmas is our annual Christmas shopping day the my lovely wife so nicely reminded me of this afternoon.
  19. I'll make sure I bring my kayak paddles just in case
  20. The knees feeling great so I'm in. I have room in the Land Rover if anyone wants to carpool.
  21. So, the plan for the December AHOTM is still to visit this cache on Sunday, Dec. 13. We'll meet at 9:30 am at the Farm Boy cache, which is in a parking area just off I-5 at exit 95, south of Olympia. From there, we'll take the back roads, and if the gate is open, drive to within a few hundred feet of the cache. (Email me if you want directions for the back roads to the cache site.) If the gate is closed, prepare for a six-mile hike (round trip) or to do something else. After we accomplish our target mission, the troops will be dismissed. I plan to grab a few caches in Capitol Forest that I don't have. So, who will be part of the platoon attacking the Green Beret site? Sing out! My roster so far: AHOTM Platoon: Johnny Boy NWCREW Sol Seaker Alnilam Possible Recruits: LandRover ironman114 B+L I'm still a maybe, won't know for sure until late next week.
  22. See ya there! Parking is close to the trailhead on the East side of the road. N 47° 02.946 W 121° 34.211 I'll be there!
  23. Just keep in mind that not everything you read on an Earthcache listing will actually be correct. And sometimes the cache owner doesn't care enough to try to be accurate. I looked at the two EC's and they did sound quite interesting vs some of his others I have done but I'm not sure I want to be standing in a creek digging for agets & turtle turds in January.
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