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  1. Sunday is supposed to be the nicer of the two days. Do you have a preference? I'm leaning towards fire- nothing is blooming and there's still mushy snow anywhere up high. I'm not real familiar with the area but how about heading up the Hamma Hamma then setting a course for Mildred lakes andbooting it up the trail as far as the snow will let us? Or something else.
  2. I'm busy on Saturday but might be able to get away on Sunday.
  3. Well the boss said ok, well actually she said ohhhhhkaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. But any way you spell it, I'm in. If anyone from the south end wants to carpool let me know, you can either meet me here in Federal Way or I can meet you somewhere along the I-5 corridor.
  4. I am tentatively in but I need to check with the Boss when she gets home.
  5. 14.2 miles, 4 hours, 5 finds, 2 DNF's, 1 pile-o-dog crap, and 1970 calories burned, according to Garmin Training Camp, and no snow or rain .
  6. Tiger mountain was snowy at the summit last Sat. when I went. When I did this hike on the 20th there was no snow on the section line trail but I did run into a couple of patches on the West Tiger RR grade, but there was actually more mud on the trail than there was snow. This weekends bike and hike starts in North Bend at about 550' going up the the base of Cedar Butte @ 1100'. Cedar Butte summit is about 1850' Might be a bit of snow on the trail but shouldn't be a big deal, did I just jinx myself. A few weeks ago I did mount Peak and then did a bicycle ride out past Enumclaw and was riding through about 4" of snow for about a mile.
  7. I'm going to do a bike & hike Saturday morning. Starting off @ 0800 in North Bend(N 47.28.544 / W 121.44.804) and riding up the Cedar Butte trail head(N 47.25.987 / W 121.45.009) via the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and the Iron Horse Trail then hiking up to the top of Cedar Butt(e). Rough stats say it's 12 miles of biking R/T and 2 miles of hiking R/T. In case anyone is interested in carpooling I'll be leaving Federal Way[/url] @ 0700
  8. I'm heading over to Tiger Mountain tomorrow morning to tackle the Tiger Mountain Challenge caches. Hitting the High School TH at 0800.
  9. Blasphemy I say just plain Blasphemy.
  10. I'm out, dang job thing anyway.
  11. Not sure if I said I'm in but I am. Coming from Federal Way with my snow-park permit in case anyone from the South end wants to carpool.
  12. That's what I was going to say but I didn't want to sound to geeky.
  13. Now that's optimism! Reminds me of another hike. Hmmm. I'd better pack some pain pills. And an ice ax
  14. Even though I'm Off on Friday I can't make it. The Belfair CM is Sunday and Andrew and I will be heading over that way on Saturday to try and knock off some of Ironman's caches though. I'm going to be bringing bikes for at least the Vista House cache. Not sure how feasible they would be for Psycho Vertigo...Doin' it Ironman Style! & The Lost Railroad though, not sure I want to be pushing / carrying bikes over abandoned RR trestles.
  15. Geez, give a rest dude. We can't all just head out at the drop of the hat. Who was it that couldn't go on the Decemmber HOTM because they had better things to do, not that there's anything wrong with that sometimes life just gets in the way. Reading a forum post is one thing but sometimes schedules have to be checked, plans made and/or rearranged or a multitude of other things and that can take a lot more time than it takes to just read this thread. Oh yeah I'm in.
  16. I would like to meet up and carpool with you. Leaving hogar de los Land Rover (N47 20.089 W122 18.125) at 0645. Still room for 3 more close frieds or 2 more not so close pals.
  17. Changing my maybe to a YES. I live in Federal Way and still have room for 3 more in the Land Rover.
  18. Let me know if you need a ride and I'll meet you at the below coordinates at 7:30. N47° 29.2551' W121° 47.5685' If I can't carpool with LandRover I would like to meet up with you there if you have room. Then I don't have to drive my truck, I can drive the Geo. I think I should be good to go on Sunday. I've spent the last two days hiking around the Mall of America and still have one more day to go (one floor a day) and so far the knee seems to be doing pretty good.
  19. As I said earlier I'm on the fence for this one but I should I make it I would prefer Sunday, but that's just me.
  20. I did. Speaking of knees my other one is starting to give me grief so I won't know if I'm up to it until late next week.
  21. Or do what my dad did - tow a Tracker behind the rig. He got into some of the most interesting country that way... I expect that this CM will have more muddy washboard pock-marked dirt roads than any other CM we've done before. The route should be passable for a passenger car, but I wouldn't recommend it for trailers, motorhomes, or articulated buses. Sweet!
  22. I should be there unless I'm still sleeping off all that dead animal from Thanksgiving.
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