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  1. Is that brown stuff supposed to be smog between the city and the mountain?
  2. I was out hiking one day looked down and noticed that the knob had fallen of of mine also . On the way back to the car I followed the same route and found the knob . On the way home I stopped at a local ACE store and bought some thread locker to make sure it didn't happen again. About a week later I was at the Gig Harbor Cache Machine doing some bush wacking on the beach when the unit, which I had clipped to my side, caught on a branch and BROKE the knob off opening up a hole into the 60CS . I called Garmin the following Monday fully expecting to have to pay to have the back part of the case replaced but they fixed it under warrenty.
  3. How about a view of Mt. Rainer from the east side.
  4. Had a great time today. This was probably my longest hike I have take since highschool (1981) and boy can I tell and will be able to tell even more come tomorrow morning. Good to meet new cachers and some that I haven't seen since way back at the GHCM three weeks ago . FYI the locationless is on page 8 of the listings. My track log say 6.73 miles but I like Moun10Bike's numbers better.
  5. If there is time I would love to do Bus Line Stop and Osprey View. The bus just sounds so cool and since Osprey View is so close why not.
  6. I normally get up a 0500 to be at work by 0630. So no matter whether it be 0800 or 0900 I will get to sleep in a little. But I will probably need a little extra sleep since I will be sick that day.
  7. Anyone else coming from the south end? I will be coming from Federal Way and the way traffic sucks that time of the morning I would love to be able to utilize the HOV lane.
  8. Cough Cough Boy I think I feel a bad cold coming on or maybe it's the flu, could be something even worse. Dear Dr. Cacher, I have been feeling quite ill lately and need to set up an appointment to see you on Thursday, January 27th. Please inform me as to the location of your new office and a time to be there. LandRoverII ****************************** ****************************** e-mail to work Dear Boss, I will not be in today. As you know I have been feeling quite ill lately. I have set up an appointment with a group of specialist today. Given that these specialists are some of the finest in their field I am confident that they will be able to lead me down the right path to recovery so that I will be back in the office tomorrow. (edit spelling error)
  9. On the initial sign up page there is a link for dues information that will take you to a page to pay
  10. Just let me know and hopefully my schedule will permit.
  11. Thanks to all. I had a great time at the cache machine and as rushed as we were I am glad we took the time to do Galloping Gertie. We were even more rushed once we finally got to the cache. Congrats to k7-wave & Littel Blue for their milestones as well as all those that hit milestones during the GHCM.
  12. This was my first CM and I had a great time. The only thing that could have made it more fun was......well there was nothing that could have made more fun. Thanks to TravisL and all that made this event what it was.
  13. Thanks JavaDuck for letting us help celebrate your B-day. Had a great time caching with you and the others, sorry leading the group down the wrong trail and the bushwack.
  14. I think I have figured out both "dicey hunt" and "times they are a changin". We could compare notes on Saturday and go from there. I have also been itching to get over to GRCC as there are 4 or 5 caches there.
  15. Sounds like fun. I still have a few caches in FW left to find. A Dicey Hunt Bulk Mail Ravine Rave Cache at Pooh Corner - The Rehide (DNFed) The Heart of the Buzz Draining the Power of the Buzz The Times they are a Changin' (close to FW, I think) I am at currently at 90 finds and would like to 100 to start the New Year off. I am also willing to go along for the ride on a few that I have already found.
  16. Put me on the list for 10, if you still have any left.n
  17. I finially got a call back from my CDW rep and it turns out that the flyer was in error. The price for the GPS 18 bundled with the software is $120. Not the best deal in the world after all but not the worst deal either. If you have been planning on buying Street mapping software for you Garmin GPS this might be worth looking into.
  18. I just looked at the catalog here at work and it clearly states that CDW #652456 is bundled with nRoute & City Select software for $99.99. But when I go to their site it makes no mention of the software, so right now I am in contact with my CDW account rep who is trying to verify one way or the other. Will keep you posted.
  19. I think it works great. It picks up the sats really fast, unlike my Vista that seems to take forever. The software gives you all of the US and alows you to register it to two GPSr's. Had some trouble figuring out how to load City Select so I could download maps to the Vista. Had to down load City Select from Garmin.com.
  20. Just got the latest flyer from CDW.com and they have the Garmin GPS 18 on sale for $99.99. This includes nRoute & City Select software. I just bought one of these about 3 weks ago @ GI Joe's and paid $130.
  21. Sooo this controversy has all been a big ruse just to drum up more interest in your cache. Boy what some people will do to give their cache a quick boost.
  22. Here are two coupon codes for Office Max. $30 off on an online purchase of $150 or more Code GAB483SSC3WSKX2NC $25 off on a phone order of $100 or more. Code 122574451313 I did a quick look at officemax.com and didn't see any GPSr's but if you can find them use the cupons.
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