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  1. How come everyones picking on me??? Oh............ I remember now........... Back under my rock I go
  2. I saw my name on the list but I will not be able to make it this time.
  3. I'll bet that if you find some local cachers they would be more than willing to go out 4 wheeling with you and if you where especially nice to them they might even bring their GPSr's along.
  4. I did the Mima Mounds at the Brown Bag Event the day after Doing the 1k with P&K. If all you really want to do is get credit for an Earth Cache it can easily be done in about 30 minutes from leaving I-5 to getting back on I-5 but I think that to really experience the Mima Mounds you will want to spend at least an hour exporing the area. IMHO save this one for a day when you have the time to really visit the area. I'll climb back under my rock now and be quiet.
  5. I'm just sitting in the back minding my own business.
  6. Hey, I have an idea!! Oh, never mind. I'll be quiet now and ride in the back.
  7. I like June 4th but I 'd probably have to find someone to ride with, my mommy wouldn't be very happy if I came home with a flat tire again
  8. GG, If you want I can bring my laptop and cable on the 13th and download 2.14 on the boat. Just let mer know.
  9. I'll be in Levenwoth on the 21st. Should be able to get away on the 28th though.
  10. I have some zip ties and duct tape if things start getting too bad for you at home. did I say that out loud?
  11. I'm in depending on timing and if I have worked off my new tire yet.
  12. I would love to go but my mommy says I have to stay home and work off my new tire.
  13. I got the day off. Please add me to the confirmed list.
  14. I did a look up of bike rental shop in FW and this is what I came up with. I have never dealt with this outfit so I have no recomendation on them one way or the other, or even if they are still in business. Phil's South Side Bicycle Shop 2310 SW 336th St. Federal Way, WA 98023 (253) 661-3903 Rent hybrid and mountain bikes by the day.
  15. Hold a spot for me! I got permission from Bug-A-Boo. Now I just have to verify I can get the day off at work.
  16. I'm thinking about this one real hard. Will have to check my schedule tomorrow.
  17. LandRover


    Here's one for the list Ring of Fire, North of Hoquiam. This has been on my todo list since my early days of caching way back in October of 04.
  18. Thanks to all. It's alway way more fun to cache in a group than by yourself. Oh yeah "Night Caching" really does ROCK!! See ya in North Bend.
  19. Anyone want to carpool up from the Southend? I plan on comming up for Lifes a Beach then doing come caches between that and the night cache. I have never done any caching in the area so everything will be new to me. My Mommy says I can't do any more off-roading for a while. Guess what LandRover is getting for his B-Day....A new tire for his Landrover
  20. We hope to. It was a pothole! Are you looking for any passengers? I have a flat tire.
  21. Anyone from the southend going up?
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