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  1. Had a great time, Poindexter will eventually remember this as being fun. Sorry I couldn't bring the Land Rover so we could bushwack to the caches. Thanks to Puppers for setting this up. Thanks to Analog Dog for the ferry service even if he didn't have any paddles. Would have liked to stay longer but mommy had me on a time line, and when mommys not happy nobodys happy.
  2. Yipee, mommy says I can go after all but I can't stay. I have to be back home by noon. Lots to do at home + a Udub graduation party. Will be there a 0930 with Poindexter (5 grandaughter) and 2 PFDs
  3. Allanon & I are booked at the Cimarron Motel. It looks like it is real close to the Starting point.
  4. I will have to miss this one, the honeydo list calls. Sorry I won't be able to drive anyone out to the Island in the Land Rover.
  5. Did I say I will be there? If not, let me say it now. I will be there!
  6. I may be in for 1/2 a room, I have to check with mommy first. So, what did your mommy say? Mommy says I can go, just don't book a suite at the Ritz-Carlton.
  7. Got to pay for that new tire somehow
  8. Miss Blue, Sounds good. Call me when you get near South Center.
  9. LB if you can drive this far you can ride in front. Where would you like to meet? There is a PNR (Star Lake) @ S272nd off I-5, Exit 147. It's about a 2 hour drive if we drive straight through, so meet sometime between 0730 & 0800 earlier if you want to pick up a few caches on the way down. RecDiver do you want to meet up in FW too?
  10. New Month New Avitar Try Again
  11. I am in Federal Way, if you want to come down this far and either pick me up or park your car I will drive. Either one would work for me. Let me know.
  12. I haven't been able to find any suckers to ride with me so if there is room somewhere and a willingness to stop near Federal Way I would like to grab a ride. Of coure there is still a day or so for any volunteers to step up, I think I need a minimum of two to help with the gas and or any pit crew dutties. I have e-mailed Geek Girl & Java Duck with offers of a ride but have not gotten any reply, LindaLu said she had a change of plans and will not be going.
  13. So if I have this right what you're saying is you'll have to slow down to a NORMAL pace. I guess that means the rest of us will be able to keep up with you.
  14. I did the same thing and Garmin fixed it for free. I was a very happy camper about that.
  15. Here is a link to the geocaching section. Sounds interesting.
  16. This thing is getting big enough that we could charter a bus. Can't you just see it, 50 cachers jumping off a bus and running into the woods to find tuperware.
  17. Good point! Cathy, maybe you want to post the location and time for our rendezvous down south? I was assuming same as last time in planning our departure, but it could have changed, and we do have some newcomers this round. It's posted on the event page, same time and place as the original event.
  18. I still have room, I've put out a couple of offers but still no takers, I didn't think I drove that bad.
  19. The first cache is no longer active but there is a plaque in Oregon commorating its placement that can be logged as a find ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE . The oldest active cache in Washington state is Mountain Marsh on the slopes of Mount St. Helens.
  20. Gee while we're adding caches to the route how about GC8BFF, GCJX6G and GCGA2Y. It's only 3 miles round trip to pick up 3 quality caches.
  21. Look up a few posts. Allanon has a post with a link to one of his bookmarks.
  22. If you can drive as far south as Federal Way I am still looking for passanges to ride in the Land Rover. For anyone else the first three to ask are in.
  23. Okay so I never believed Grandpa when he told me he walked 5 miles to school in the snow, UPHILL both ways until now. That being said I still had a great time. Mmmmm the Frito Pies were the perfect ending to a terrific morning in the mountains, sorry you missed out Anonymous', I guess you'll have to keep wondering about the infamous "Frito Pies.” Thanks to RWW for setting this up, hope the wrist is not too bad, and all those that helped with the Frito Pies and provided great company.
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