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  1. I'll ask and see if I can go but not sure if I can afford the gas. I plan on burnig a tank on the 6th up at snoqualmie. I've been looking at Marcus' "A Drive in the Woods" series and would really like to get at least a couple, I haven't looked at GeoRoo's yet.
  2. I work in Georgetown and will be seeing Weightman on the 6thso if you want you can drop it off with me and I will get them to WM next Wednesday. It would have to be this week as I am off all next week. edit- changed date from 7th to 6th
  3. Looking at kealia's avitar I think he got a waaaaay too much sun.
  4. If there is enough interest I'll toss 2 canoes on the truck capable of holding 3 each and I have enough PFD's to go around. And the production gathers speed. I would love to claim a seat in one of your canoe's and do that cache. Reading the latest logs for Stuffed with Fluff & Keechelus Crossing II both appear to be walk to and one may even be a drive to cache at the moment.
  5. From what I have ben able to decifer, the plan is to meet at the pay lot near the east end of the tunnel at 1030. How you get there is up to you. Except for my already full carpool I have seen nothing definative just a lot of we could do this or that type chatter as far as meeting someplace else & forming carpools up to Hyak.
  6. Hopefully the week after next is your slow week because if you show next week you'll be on your own.
  7. Here’s the list of the Ape hunters so far….. Nurse Day & Beckerbuns Weightman CavScout Cent5 Prying Pandora LindaLu LandRover GlobalGirl Possibles Allanon Totem Lake RecDiver Dagg WillCall Ray (Ray & Rose) The Jester RWW
  8. Heck, that's just a hop skip and a LR ride away for the Runhills cache
  9. I have running boards and hand rails they can hang from if it gets to scarry, they've been used before .
  10. I did say that The World as Runhills Sees It is was a "drive to", not a "drive by". From the descriptions & pictures that have been posted The World as Runhills Sees It is looks like a very nice destination whether there was a cache there or not, plus I get to drive the Land Rover up some rough roads again. PP just filled the last of the availabel LR seats, so the pit crew is now set.
  11. I can do the onions, sliced jalapenos, and some humgry cachers.
  12. I tend to over-plan my caching excursions but 4 months is even going a little overboard for me.
  13. I'll bring the stove. What do I need for "Cooking gear"? Shall I bring a boat or canoe or 3 and jack this production up another notch. If not mistaken, and I frequently am, a pot to heat up chili and a dispensing utensil will be all that is required, oh yeah and something to light the stove with. There are two nearby island caches on Lake Keechelus, but the requirement for a boat varies with water level of the lake.
  14. I have a propane camp stove (4 in fact of different sizes etc.) none of which you would want to lug around the woods. I too have been curious as to the local "Frito Pie" thingy. In my vast Frito Pie experience, all two of them, Frito Pies have been a tail gating activity so there is no need to lug all the equipment and fixins on our backs. My plan for doing the Runhills cache, which is a drive to cache, is to do it after the now planned post hike lunch so that those who want to do it can and those who don't can read about it in our logs. GG has called shotgun in the LR so I still have two open spots in the back seat. And the production continues to grow
  15. Too late it's already been made a big production, we're just getting started and we still have two weeks to make it an even bigger production.
  16. Remember, there's also a 10% bidders fee & the WSST, unless someone from Oregon was to do the bidding.
  17. I will be coming up from Federal Way and can handle 3 passangers. I can meet at where ever the designated pooling spot is or pick up passangers allong the way. If you want to ride with me you must be willing to go after The World as Runhills Likes To See It after getting back to the Land Rover once the Ape has been captured.
  18. Good chance I will be able to make this one.
  19. Boy, I thought Little Blue was a speed cacher, this guy has only been a member for 2 days and he already has over 300 finds.
  20. If your walking through the cemetery and a sticker bush grabs your leg make sure that it's a sticker bush and not something else!
  21. If you look the cemetary caches are pretty far down the list so the likelyhood of having more than one or two groups showing up at the same time is pretty small, at least minimizing the visual impact on the casual observer. In fact they are far enough down the list that it is likely that a lot of the cachers will never even get to them (not meant as a challange, just an observation).
  22. Okay, if no one elso will step up if you can make it to the north end of Federal Way I can give you a ride from there. Back under I go Any one want to cache before or after in the mighty FW??
  23. Naw, they'll be overwhelmed beween 03:00 & 03:30 with everyone trying to be at the starting point at 04:00.
  24. I don't know about Oregon but in Washington you can check to see if a particular vanity plate is available at https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/dolprod/vsdpersonalplateonline/ FYI: TLNSL is not available in Washington
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