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  1. I like to leave Silver dollars, SBA dollars and Sacajawea dollars they are small and easy to carry. I put them in little bags and put my sticker with the date they were dropped into the cache. My daughter works for a bank so they're also easy for me to get. Another thing that I have found that is very popular are woopie cushions and classic TV DVD's found at the dollar store.
  2. Congrats to Allanon who hit #400 somewhere on Vashon Saturday, I think it was Vashon-History.
  3. I've done the caches on Blake and am not sure that trying to get a bicycle there is worth the trouble. The Island is small enough that it can be walked in just a couple of hours. Unless you have your own boat the only way to get there is on Argosy Cruise Lines from pier 55 in Seattle. R/T cost is $35 just for the boat ride.
  4. If I have read this thread correctly the biggest problem with getting the 2005 coins goin has been the vendor. I know that that by staying with the same vendor as last year we can save some money, but it appears that with the current vendor there may not be a 2005 coin. In the 7-22-05 edition of the Federal Way Mirror there is an article on Northwest Territorial Mint, the second largest private mint in the US (located in Auburn ,WA). Admittedly I have no knowledge of the process it takes to get the coins going but maybe switching vendors warrants some consideration at this point. link to Northwest Territorial Mint. Okay, back under my rock I go
  5. Okay, I'm in w/ Bug-A-Boo. I was thinking that we could all meet up at/near the North ferry terminal then go to Upcountry and work our way CCW around the island ending at Vashon-??? As for a time I was thinking about catching the 0835 ferry from Fauntleroy. Too early, someone else throw out an idea.
  6. OK I'm calling my state legislators. An envelope costs nearly as much as a stamp! And what about the cost of the pen needed to address the evelope,
  7. I may be able to make this, it would be a great excuse not to have to drive down to Eugene, OR for a BD party. Not sure if it will be one or two of us if I/we do make it.
  8. I see that hydnseek and idtimberwolf are both on the list now!! They've both been on the list the whole time just not listed as having coins shipped. If I remember correctly Ladybug Kids is trying to ship in the order that the orders were received not by any geographical grouping cept for the distribution events. edit:learn to proof read
  9. Got mine today, I saw a silver and bronze on Saturday at the AK C&D race and decided that since I would be getting the ones I ordered soon I would leave them for someone else. I was also pleasently supprized to find a second envelope with my new CO coins too. Merry Christmeas to me. Thankyou Ladybug Kids
  10. There is no need for the suction mount(have not used) to snap into either the dash mount or the bean bag(have both). When you get either the dashmount or bean bag they come with everything you need. If you are going to be using it in your wifes vehicle I would suggest the bean bag so that you can remove it when not caching. The bean bag is very stable and the only time I have had any trouble with it moving is when heading up the side of a mountain on very rough logging roads going faster than I really should be going.
  11. I just picked up NG Back Roads Explorer at Costco for $30 and it covers all 50 states to 1 level of detail less than what the state products do.
  12. I dropped a WJTB in one of the caches I found today east of Lake Keechelus but for the life of me I just can't remember which one it was. The Jeep did have a littke trouble making it to the cache so my Land Rover TB had to give it a tow.
  13. If your looking for one I pladed a WJTB in a cache just North of Index, WA on 7-2-05. But for the life of me I just can't remember which cache it was. I also hope to be placing one near Snoqualmie Pass on Wednesday.
  14. Thanks Allanon for suggesting a great day of caching. I ended up with 24 finds of course everything that we found today was a find for me as I have not been caching in the area before. Anytime I get to take the LR off road is a good day. Too bad we didn't have a little better weather for the views. Not to jinx us but nobody got a flat tire today!!! And for all you that missed out on our little trip a WJTB escaped my clutches and fell into a cache somewhere north of the Skykomish River today.
  15. LandRover

    Your Ride

    My Land Rover Discovery at Sugarloaf North of Leavenworth
  16. I will be at Bridging the Sky around 0800.
  17. The boss says I can go so just let me know where & when.
  18. Do I see an 11 stage multi in that picture??????????????????????????????
  19. Okay, here's my Bookmarked wish list of caches to do on the 6th. I know I won't be able to get them all but those of us in the Land Rover are going to do our darndest to geterdone. There are a couple on the list that are probabbly going to get tossed but I had to start somewhere. The must does are the 4 on the Iron Horse trail, the two at Lake Keetchleus, Prayer Flags & The World as Runhills Likes To See It. All the others are "sure would be nice to do if we have the time."
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