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  1. Some people in our little group are worried about the chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. We're still planning to head down and assess the weather situation when we get there. There's a chance we may choose to do a different hike, but we're still planning to meet at Paradise at the moment to decide.


    Anyone else for sure planning to come?

    Thunder schmunder, I will be there.

  2. Did I miss the dates for the May HOTM?




    May - Memorial Day weekend at Cape Alava to go after 3 virts. Sunday has a really good low tide working in our favor for traversing the reservation.

  3. For Hurricane Ridge? The parking lot.


    For Teaney Rdige

    N 47° 21.240 W 120° 43.117

    at Iron Creek Trailhead


    Another possibility and more likely is

    N 47° 22.110 W 120° 47.064

    Road Ends Trail Starts

    Checked out trail head options this afternoon.

    Road to Iron Creek Trail head is closed (snow) right off of Hwy 97. There were some guys there getting ready to x-country up that way, so I'm assuming it's snowshoeable too.

    Drivable road to Road Ends Trail Starts ends at N47 19.851 W120 51.219, ~4.7 miles from Road Ends Trail Starts. There is still unpaved road for some unknown distance but is is currently closed to wheeled non-logging vehicles. Non-road snow conditions where we stopped are pro snowshoe

  4. Cool. I was kind of wondering about that. If I don't hear about the other cache snow conditions by after this weekend, I'll lay down plans for Hurricane Ridge.

    What are you thinking of as a trail head?

  5. Cool. I was kind of wondering about that. If I don't hear about the other cache snow conditions by after this weekend, I'll lay down plans for Hurricane Ridge.

    We're heading over to Wenatchee this weekend I will try to do a recon on the way home Sunday.

  6. Here is a list of caches along the Mt. Rainier Wonderland Trail.


    GC3C25 Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Dick Creek

    GC82BD Virtual Cache Tolmie Peak

    GC3AFC Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Carbon Glacier

    GC3E29 Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Mystic Lake

    GC39BF Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Seattle Park

    GCCF4 Virtual Cache 12 Birds at the Dome

    GC8A35 Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Summerland

    GC828E Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Golden Lakes

    GCE4D Virtual Cache Carter Falls

    GC8A3B Virtual Cache Wonderland Series: Indian Bar


    Tolmie Peak & 12 Birds are not actually on the trail but are both well worth a side trip if you have the time.

  7. Found out the hard way that they are also applying the fee to their land at Baldy Mt near Enumclaw. Fortunately the by the hard way I mean only driving a long way to then be blocked from the land and grabbing the old caches up there that I wanted to find.


    I must assume then that they have other pieces land elsewhere where they are doing the same...

    Looking at their website it only looks like they are only charging the non-motorized access fee on their Snoqualmie and White River farms. Eatonville & Kapowsin appear to be only selling the Motorized access permit but you need the Motorized access permit for any type of access on those two farms. Access Info

  8. I purchased a pass but find it strange that the pass is only good for one vehicle license #. My wife has a car and I do (as many folks know it well), it just seems underhanded that I have to choose just one car to go with my pass. Also, the person who printed the discovery pass obviously can't spell.


    I see a few folks in past posts mentioned this "vehicle" vs user issue. Anyone ever been hit with a fee for having an active pass but the wrong license plate assigned?

    I haven't put my License plate number on my pass and have never had any trouble, though I do know one person that got a warning because they didn't have their plate number on their pass. That being said I'm not paying for your ticket if you choose to follow my example.

  9. I probably missed the good weather to go after this one, but rain snow or shine, I'm targeting this short hike to Cache at Lodge Lake on Saturday. I'll be there by 8AM to be on the trail by 8:30. NWTP is required. Trailhead starts at the very end of the Snoqualmie West Summit parking lot.

    If I'm over this freakin cold by then I'll be there.

  10. Yeah, easy to take shots at the geocachers, but if you look at the logs not that many have been that way. Thirteen in six years, geeze. 2009 was a real Grand Central Station year with six visits. The carnage he is talking about, if it really exists, was caused by others than geocachers. What a [removed to protect my ability to continue posting]. I agree, it is my island so stay away.

    What he is saying is a little more nuanced than, "stay off my island".


    ... It is likely not you doing the trashing, but this posting is open to all ...


    ... All I ask is for those of you who set up these caches to please consider the many unintended consequences and then remove/relocate inappropriate listings! If they stay, I will try to get geocaching.com to remove them…there is a process for that. The better process is to police yourselves.

    Okay, how about "I've found this really cool place that I love to come to but please don't encourage anyone else to experience it because I'm the only one that can be here without causing unintended consequences."

  11. Looks as if I lost another one of my hike to caches. GCP565 This really irritates me when self appointed wilderness police don't have a clue. It's these kind of people that are removing caches. First time I've actually had one post about it. Guess he/she couldn't stand to go unnoticed. The cache is located on rock and no time do you bushwack to reach it. The garbage etc. is not being left by geocachers. I hardly doubt 3 cache finds in the past 2 years and a total of 11 in 6 is causing any impact what so ever. That Island has always been a primo camping spot and has seen a drastic decline in people and garbage the past 20 years. There's no nesting ospreys any where close to the cache site. Ospreys are every where now and having camped and fished close by to many they aren't bothered by people. Should I bother contacting Groundspeak? I've always wanted my caches open to every one, but it looks like I'll have to make them Premium if they keep getting stolen. I've quietly replaced a dozen or more the past couple years and have had another dozen replaced by cachers. I appreciate the help as many of mine aren't so easy to reach. If my sick dog is better tomorrow maybe I'll run up and replace this cache and the Trout Lk one that was stolen. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    To paraphrase G-L's log "It's okay for me to come to this island whenever I want but the rest of the world should stay the hell away" anyway that's the way I read it.

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