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  1. I guess I should say i'll be there.
  2. I'm a definite maybe. Cherie is a definite maybe too.
  3. LandRover

    Camp Muir!

    Thunder schmunder, I will be there.
  4. LandRover

    Camp Muir!

    I may just have to try this hike again. The last time I did it it nearly killed me, okay a slight exaggeration, but it severely kicked my butt.
  5. I lean towards the Twin Peaks hike.
  6. Nope. Yup May - Memorial Day weekend at Cape Alava to go after 3 virts. Sunday has a really good low tide working in our favor for traversing the reservation.
  7. Checked out trail head options this afternoon. Road to Iron Creek Trail head is closed (snow) right off of Hwy 97. There were some guys there getting ready to x-country up that way, so I'm assuming it's snowshoeable too. Drivable road to Road Ends Trail Starts ends at N47 19.851 W120 51.219, ~4.7 miles from Road Ends Trail Starts. There is still unpaved road for some unknown distance but is is currently closed to wheeled non-logging vehicles. Non-road snow conditions where we stopped are pro snowshoe
  8. What are you thinking of as a trail head?
  9. We're heading over to Wenatchee this weekend I will try to do a recon on the way home Sunday.
  10. I was thinking about doing this hike again but I came down with the crud this week so I'm out.
  11. Saw some MSR Lightning Ascent 30's for sale on NW Hikers for $150 http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7996108
  12. Looking at their website it only looks like they are only charging the non-motorized access fee on their Snoqualmie and White River farms. Eatonville & Kapowsin appear to be only selling the Motorized access permit but you need the Motorized access permit for any type of access on those two farms. Access Info
  13. Leaving Federal Way @ 0600 if anyone is interested in carpooling. Could stop along the drive north if needed.
  14. I haven't put my License plate number on my pass and have never had any trouble, though I do know one person that got a warning because they didn't have their plate number on their pass. That being said I'm not paying for your ticket if you choose to follow my example.
  15. There shouldn't be any gates before the trail-head, but there may be other obstacles 4 miles before the trail-head check out this thread on NWHikers.net
  16. I'm plan on being at the Spur 11 gate (N47 34.471 W121 44.156) between 0800 & 0830 Saturday morning.
  17. Any one up for a bicycle ride to Getting Loony at Calligan Lake on Saturday before the close the forest? I got as far as Half Way Up to Calligan Lake earlier this summer before I had to turn around due to active logging.
  18. I upgraded my snowshoes to a pair of these today and a set of tails. After our Memorial Day weekend hike up Deep Creek I decided I needed better traction than what I had.
  19. I'm in, hopefully third times a charm.
  20. If I'm over this freakin cold by then I'll be there.
  21. What he is saying is a little more nuanced than, "stay off my island". Okay, how about "I've found this really cool place that I love to come to but please don't encourage anyone else to experience it because I'm the only one that can be here without causing unintended consequences."
  22. To paraphrase G-L's log "It's okay for me to come to this island whenever I want but the rest of the world should stay the hell away" anyway that's the way I read it.
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