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  1. My method of protesting nanos is to not hunt for them, at least not on purpose.
  2. I just might have to take that day off and Ride the Iron Horse one more time.
  3. Take a dremel and hack carefully cut out a corner of the cradle. Make sure to wear your safety glasses, hunks of plastic in your eye don't feel too good.
  4. I told you about this early in this discussion. Good point Andrew. If there is too much about the cache run on the cache page it will delay the publication while you work things out with the reviewer. Ideally there would be a 'cache landing page' that is hosted offsite similar to the sign-up pages used by Shop99er for their events. Then you can focus the cache page on the dinner event itself and put all the cache run route info on the offsite page. Here is the relevant section of the cache listing guidelines: This is why the focus of the cache page needs to be on the dinner event not the cache run. The cache page that was submited was nearly identical to other cache machine pages including the Missoula Cache Machine that was YESTERDAY. I know that another published event has no bearing on any other event but come on, what's the difference here?
  5. After you've installed the newer Chipset (ie the normal software) it should come up with another screen saying it will now check for additional software (or something like that). It is that EXTRA software that covers the GPS and which you need to install. Good luck. My arrow was all over the place this morning, but as soon as I had recalibrated the compass, it worked perfectly again. I tried it all, I finally broke down and sat on hold for 20 minutes and talked to Garmin. The 3+ year old 60CSx is going back for repair and the rep. put in in under warranty. The rep also pointed me to a site www.gpsinformation.net that has the chipset software that can be downloaded directly instead of through the webupdater. I found it interesting that Garmin doesn't have that software on thier site but could send me to a 3rd party site that does.
  6. My 60CSx has also stopped acquiring satellites, it worked fine on Saturday then when Iwent to use it on Sunday (900 miles from home) there is nothing on the Satellites page just the rings. checked the software and I'm running 3.6 but the GPS SW Version lists 0.00. Ran the software updater and it wants to install GPS Chipset Type G. When I try to intalling it everything goes through all the motions. but when I check it still lists the GPS SW Version as 0.00. I have done a hard restart / reset and have run the SW updater about a dozen times. Pulled the MSD card and ran the updater, reformated the MSD card and ran the updater. Nothing seams to help. HELP! When I called Garmin this morning their wait time was 40 - 45 minutes. so that is out for right now.
  7. depends on traffic, but about 30 minutes without traffic. It will take the longest just getting to I-90 from Bellevue. If you expect to make it from I-90 and Bellevue Way in 30 minutes, better have your radar detector handy. Depending on traffic, I would make it closer to 50-60 minutes. Milepost Zero is I-5 and I-90. What is the exit at the pass? That will give you a clue as to the distance. I won't be able to make these dates as I have relatives visiting then. And then cut that estimate in half as Snoqualmie Falls is nowhere near Snoqualmie Pass.
  8. I just received word from the King County that the Wagner Bridge is now open. Jeff, Yes, the Wagners Bridge is now open. I provided the web folks an update at the end of last week that the bridge was open so I’m not sure why the page is not there. I agree with you that it should be there for some time giving the bridge is open update. I will check in on it for you and thanks for your patience. Thanks, Larry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jeff Adams (qwest) Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 11:24 AM To: Jaramillo, Larry Cc: jeffadams@qwest.net Subject: Wagner Bridge #364B Is the Wagner Bridge Project completed? I looked at the web page last week and it had not yet been completed, looked again this morning and the page can not be found. If the bridge is in fact completed it would be nice if you were to leave the page up for a while telling us that the bridge is complete instead of just taking the page down.
  9. If your Garmin X series is set to save tracks to the data card your track log size is only limited by the amout of free space on the card. One trick I try to do is turn my GPS off and an just before and after my hikes, this creates a new track log to the memory card and I dont have to worry about the before and after track points.
  10. Yup, while on the map screen press the menu button and recalculte then select off road
  11. For the "Found" & "Note" button to show you need to be navigating in the "Off Road" mode.
  12. Are you sure you have the time? Keeping a kitchen that clean with 4 boys must be a full time job, let alone all the laundry and other stuff that also goes along with them.
  13. Looks like access to Climber's Bivouac hike in only until June sometime. Mount St. Helens Climbing Update [Last Updated: 15 May 2008] Winter / Spring Climbing Access is Limited: Record snowpack has formed large unstable cornices (snow overhangs) on the crater rim (please see climbing page and scroll down to cornice photo). Heavy snowfall has closed Forest Road 83 beyond Cougar Snopark (parking at Cougar SP is limited). Marble Mtn Snopark remains closed to a record snowpack. The snowpack may delay reopening of the road to Climber's Bivouac trailhead until as late as mid to late June. Spring climbers should note that closure of Forest Road 83 beyond Cougar Snopark adds 3-miles one-way distance and that climbing Mount St. Helens requires a multi-day climb. For the latest road and snopark information see winter recreation webpage. 2008 Climbing Permit Sales Begin February 1, 2008: Permits for the April 1 through October 31 climbing fee season are sold online, in-advance on a first-come, first-served basis through the Mount St. Helens Institute. Climber's Register has been moved to the Lone Fir Resort, 16806 Lewis River Road, Cougar, WA. (360) 238-5210. Permits are required above 4800 foot elevation on the volcano year round. During the Nov 1 to March 31 winter climbing season permits are available at no charge by self-registration at the Climber's Register.
  14. Is it cheaper to do one trip in the Scion and a second shorter trip in the Land Cruiser or a single trip in the Land Cruiser?
  15. What's Champoeg?? It's when you wash your hair with champagne
  16. I don't have a bookmark list but here are a couple The Bride's Booty at Bridal Falls folow the rainbow One is off Hwy 2 and the other off 410 so you wouldn't want to try both on the same day. I also understand that the falls at follow the rainbow pretty much dry up later in the summer. There's also Victor Falls - Revisited. This one is a hidden gem that you would probably never have know was there except for caching.
  17. If you like I could bring my palmtop and load the NWTP on at the trail head, I could also load up the Topo maps at the same time. Of course if you have City Select/City Navigator maps you would loose those when NWTP & Topo get loaded.
  18. I'll have my head lamp(s) anyway just in case. Another plus side is that a majority of the trail under a pretty good canopy of nice forest so there will be lots of shade. There are a couple of open areas but we should hit those fairly early on before it warms up too much.
  19. High 70's to mid 80's is the range on the forecast. Couldn't ask for better luck with the weather. Some of us have a bit too much padding to like the mid 80's much... I prefer the low 60's, even on a less than 50's day it only takes me about 10 minutes to start peeling layers. It was a very hot day (high 90's) on Tiger a couple of summers ago that convinced me that extra water is not a luxury. I knew I was in trouble when I stopped sweating. I eventually found a stream that was not dry and was able to drench myself with said water. And although not recomended I filled my hydration bladder with untreated water, I went out the next day and bought a water filter.
  20. I did some checking with some Issaquah / Sammamish locals here at work and they suggested The Issaquah Brewerey for any after hike festivities.
  21. I'm not sure wheter the backlight was on or not but it is highly likely because if found it very difficult to see the screen w/o the backlight on. Next outing I will make sure the backlight is off and see what kind of difference it makes. Thanks-
  22. I took my new Colorado 300 and my trusty 60CSx out on some local wooded trails this afternoon. I had both units strapped side by side to my sternum strap and I have to say the discrepancy between the two units is horrendous. I have been on these trails many times before and the 60CSx tracks are pretty typical of what I have seen in the past so I have to believe the accuracy of the Colorado is really bad. I also marked some WP's on along the trail and there are some points that have more than 150' difference between the two units. I have found several caches along these trails with my 60Sx, based on the track logs I see it looks like it would be nearly impossible to find those same caches with the Colorado. Below is a picture of a portion of the two tracks, the brown track is the 60CSx and the white is the Colorado. IS THIS NORMAL?
  23. The 21st works for me, I'll be in Vegas on the 14th (nice problem to have). I have a Mainstream Majestic 11 footer.
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