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  1. I would never join a club that would have me as a member.
  2. Well let's just say I'm stuck with PnGs if I want to geocache at all. Better yet, drive byes would be better so long as i can get it on the driver side. It's all good though. The swelling is going down and the pain is almost negligable (write that off to good drugs), and I don't try to wobble too fast. Look at the bright side, you'll have plenty of time to get intimately familiar with the new PN-40 while your recuperating.
  3. Does this mean you won't be attending the Whidbey Island Cache Machine now???? I'm glad I was far enough down the hump that I didn't hear the popping and snapping as that kind of thing really makes me squeamish when it happens to other people, I can look at my own blood and guts but on others, well I just try not to.
  4. Info can be found HERE. But it basically says a NW Forest Pass is required.
  5. I'll be there and on the prowl for a glimpse of the elusive duckabush. My buddy at Garmin tells me the drive is just over 2 hours from Casa Del LandRover via the no ferries or toll bridges route.
  6. I'm in, if only to find out what a duckabush is and why it has a big hump on it.
  7. This is the info that j0hnnycache sent me on Tuesday The coordinates are N47 06.462 W122 37.962 If anyone is up for it I was thinking of going to Farrelli's Pizza in Dupont after the fun.
  8. It didn't look like they did a whole lot of re-enforcement when I was under the bridge, mostly just shoving shims in here and there. I did notice that there was a pretty good swale to the bridge that I hadn't noticed before. I wonder if they are going to close the bridge to foot/bicycle traffic also.
  9. Not all the trails but it certainly does have a lot of the them.
  10. But they're looking the wrong way it looks like the ship snuck in behind them when they weren't looking.
  11. Even though I've already found the head I'm always up for a good adventure so I'm a definite maybe.
  12. Current weather forcast for this weekend. Link to the KCM Route is now working on the event page.
  13. Contrary to the KCM's approvers idea of what a Cache Machine is all about it is all about the numbers. So the faster you get the log signed the bigger your numbers are at the end of the day. The group I Cache Machine with can sometimes get pretty big so instead of standing around waiting for 10 people to sign the log, we have a Cache Menagerie sticker that we use for the whole group. Slap a sticker on the log and you're outathere. But if you're not in in for the numbers you can stand aroud waiting for each person in your group to sign the log or wait for them to dig their stamp out of their bag of stuff but of course they don't start this process until they have the actual log book in their hand, then after stamping the log wait for them to decide which one of their 10 pens or pencils they want to use to date the log.
  14. Here's some snow on the way up to Mt. Catherine summit at Snoqualmie Pass Oh wait this is supposed to be Winter pictures not ones taken in JULY
  15. Oh! Duh... Don't feel bad, I didn't understand what they were trying to say, either. Mainly because the right-click thing doesn't work for me. But mouse-over works fine, and I see the info in the bottom status bar, now that they clarified where to look. I'm 94792. Thanks, folks! One other thing about this UserID, if you use GSAK that number is what you enter to let GSAK know which caches are the ones you own. It's more accurate than using your geo-name. Very interesting there 287587 and kinda fun mousing over all the different users on the forums.
  16. Sneaking out early of a kids birthday party for an overnighter at Mirror Lake then getting up in the morning and hitting Silver Peak. Looking east from Silver Peak
  17. Who's that skinny guy in the pictures?
  18. No, this is now tomorrow isn't until the day after today.
  19. I've already changed my plans this weekend from an overnighter at Snoqualmie Pass to do Valhalla on Saturday, a hike I've been wanting to do for a very long time.
  20. I'm pretty sure I can come up with the gloves and light sources, but don't have a helmet or knee pads. I've got a couple of bump caps, lightweight hard hats, you can use if you want to swing by and grab them.
  21. I went through the cave yesterday it was 80+ degrees above ground and somewhere in the 40's underground. It felt really good to get out of the heat. Don't forget leather gloves, some type of head protection and knee pads if you have them, I had the first two but not the knee pads, which were only needed in a couple of places where you had to get down on all fours to get through through the passage.
  22. If you want to use it use it, if you don't don't. Why should I have to convince you that you need it?
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