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  1. 0188445e-9a0f-4706-8583-be347680f948.jpg

    Spotted the moose while on a Delorme / County run in NE WA. This was the first time I've seen a moose in the wild. No the best picture in the world but I didn't have my good camera with me so I had to use my coolpix L15.


    A 4WD will take you to within 300' of Wonktania? That never would have occurred to me. Aren't there barriers and such to block such attempts?



    Although the Green Trails map shows a gate there is not gate on the road to which I refer. The approx coordinates for the road head is N47 21.402 W121 19.346. There are ruts and a few water bars but I've made it up in both my DiscoveryII and my LR3.

    The first time was the dead of summer, no mud on the road at all, the second time was last fall after a mild snow fall and melt and there was mud in places but still didn't have any real problem navigating the road.


    if LandRover is right

    Whadayamean "IF" :)

  3. Hello All,


    I see from the logs and photos that you made it, congrats!


    Until yesterday evening, I didn't know about GCD. What I've learned in that short time has me so intrigued that I'm gearing up for an attempt on it. I'm thinking Thursday, July 2, 10AM, starting from View Cache


    From what I can gather, this is the "other" way to get to GCD, by way of Wonktania.


    I'm not certain, but it appears that this route is less of a climb than the Mt. Margaret trail route.


    Anyone who didn't make the June 27 climb, please post here if you're interested. BTW, anyone know if a NW Forest Pass would be required for anyone parking in the area (including near View Cache)?


    EDIT: Changed date to July 2. (Thursday is July 2 not 1)




    Study your TOPO maps; if you have a decent 4WD you can park less than 300' from Wonktania.

    3 years ago when I did it the road was no problem but last fall it was a bit sketchy but it had just snowed and the road was a muddy, should be a bit easier w/o the mud.

  4. OK , so I read about the first 50 or so posts, and maybe the last 20... I just don't have the time to read the whole ~240 posts.


    Has this place been found? Are there Lat and Lon numbers available?


    What about NWTrails?


    Or shall I not worry about it because there might be ghosts there? Or maybe the boogie man?


    Yes, Hell Hole (as well as the trail in to it) can be found in NW Trails! (But shhh, don't tell! :))

    Is there a super secret password you have to have for the trail to the HH to show up in NWT? :mad: I have the latest release and the closest trail I see is 4.5 miles from the cache.

  5. Got a filter??? I wouldn't drink any of that water without a filter or other water purification system. Also, I recall there is a creek crossing just east of the meadow ( where The Old Ballfield cache is) near Red Town.

    What a silly question. :) I don't leave home without it.

    Really. I remember at the TMT hike a year ago, we had like 8 water filters pumping simultaneously, more than once. :(

    I'll have my filter with me but not sure I'll subject it to the duck pond, I've seen that water. :(

  6. I asked because I know the National Parks have entrance fees, but I've never heard of National Forests having them (aside from monuments within them - but not generally). The blurb refers to "Forest Service", the link to NPS - two different agencies and sets of lands.

    My guess is that you won't need a NWFS Pass for parking that week end.


    I was tempted. My right knee is reminding me the escalator is the best method to travel right now.


    My track without corrections show 11.67 miles. I haven't compared it against Cstmfrmr's track yet but I will have that comparison up sometime this week. For now, I'll be busy logging the caches and then posting the pics. Keep tuned for the group pic.

    My corrected track log showed 10.9 miles, but I decided not to do the romp down to the Kabota and back.

  8. I don't think that AndrewRJ or LandRover should be allowed to go out and play until they get all their caches logged from last weekend... innocent.gif:unsure:

    Okay I got all 98 caches logged can I go now???? Can I huh, Can I!

  9. If you click the link to the Primary Trailhead, I have the coordinates posted on the map. Each of the alternate maps also have their respective coordinates posted on the map if you click the link on my website.

    Got it.

    FYI unless they've opened up the access road in the last couple of years you can't drive to the towers near CPW (posted TH for Alt 1 & 2). The parking lot / trailhead is at the beginning of the Access Road just off of SE May Valley Road.

  10. Not sure how much of the hike I will be able to do but I'll be there at the start.

    I may just still be tired from the CM, 1000 miles of driving and crawling around under the Land Rover bodging up a broken air line this weekend but I don't see which of the many trails head we are starting from.

  11. I've done all the caches on the list for this month's HOTM but that's never stopped me before so I'm in. My knee has been giving me fits for the last week or so, so depending on how it's doing will depend on how much of the hike I do. I've never had any problems with my knees before and this really sucks, right now I'm even having trouble walking the mile from my house to the bus.

  12. Sorry to hear that. I try not to pick Sundays but with the cache machine and the Mission Possible event, I didn't want to take away from anybody there either and the beginning of the month just had too many things going for me.


    Details are up at http://www.totemlake.org/20090426.htm with alternate routes for Pye to chose from. This time the maps have profiles with them.

    You might want to add Symbolism, Native Plant Pop Quiz and even though it's currently disabled Bullitt Fireplace Cache.

    The first two are puzzles and they are both in very interesting areas and Bullitt Fireplace Cache is near the old Bullitt residence and would make a good place for a lunch/snack break.

  13. Now, I am not sure if I can make it to the Spring Fling. On May 30th I am having Cataract Surgery. That is two days before the Spring Fling. All I know right now about it is what I read on the internet. They say it is simple and only takes a few minutes. I do have a 1 day post op appointment. Has anyone had cataract surgery, and can tell me about how long it takes for the eye to recover. I will be 84 and don't want to push it. I was looking forward to seeing a lot of my geocaching friends.

    Thanks, Dick W7WT

    Accordiny to the calandar on my wall here at work May 30th is 28 days AFTER the Spring Fling.

  14. I am heading out across the mountains a couple of hundred miles away this weekend for some caching and was hoping to get some Benchmarks but it appears the County Archives are down :ph34r: I get the following message "SORRY - Currently no data exists for |WA|033|KING" Any idea whats going on?

  15. Hmmm...


    Well I was going to go for a hike on the other side of the mountains on the 21st and then the GPS maze on the 28th.


    So I am planning on doing 1000 Finds for Mahawking on Saturday the 14th. Anyone is free to join me.


    We could also get


    Cherry Cache II

    On the Way #2

    Hoagy’s Walkabout or at least parts of it

    Icha-No-Bod Crane

    and Double Shot possible will be gone soon due to the building of a new fire station.

    Is this a bikable route?

    Most of it, I know that Evergreenhiker! says its bikeable to Cherry Cache 2 and then you continue up the road for a while before bushwacking to 1000 Finds.

    I'm in. If you want I can borrow the SIL's bike again.

    Time & place??

    Sure, that would be fine.


    I think that we can meet at Double Shot. There is a wide spot for several vehicals at the Intersection.

    8AM I was thinking.

    Okay. I'll be there.

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