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  1. stuhly

    Ohio Cachers

    Summit county here . Also new to the site
  2. Hi Joe ! We live close enough we could meet somewhere along Rt. 90 Im just 45 min. south of Cleve.
  3. Thanks Motocycle Mama Yes Im new here and I'm looking around as time allows me . Thanks for all input on the Triton 400 and 500 .it was a big help. Cant wait to start my new hobby with my family.
  4. Is anyone out there using a Triton 500 (Magellan)
  5. Just started myself to. Can't wait to buy my new Gps soon
  6. I Fried my Explosist 210 Gps.. I called Maggalin(sp)and they offered me 2 choces . A- Triton 400 or B-Triton 500 at $100 off list . I will be using this on my boat ,car and mountian bike as well as starting to caching. any input on this would be great . Thanks
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