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  1. The issue was with html in the description. Issue has been solved.
  2. I have uploaded many cartridges and yesterday I tried to do one and I get an error message. When I look at my cartridges it looks like it creates the page and uploads but doesn't make it active. The first thing I noticed is it wouldn't give me a state to select after selecting United States. Then when I tried to save it I got the error message attached. I tried to go back and select active and save and get the same error message.
  3. I'm in again for this round. Just updated my Request List the other day. My Request List
  4. When is Search Mission #17 coming to a close?
  5. Email has been sent. Hi, I'm interested in "Robin Hood Nottinghamshire 2006" coin, could you please pm me a price delivered to the UK please...
  6. I'm selling off some of my collection. Here is a link to my list of coins. Message me if you are interested in any of the coins. My Coins For Sale
  7. Congratulations. Great coins. I'm in for the next round too. My Wish List
  8. I'm in again for the next mission. My Wish List
  9. Mission was sent out this morning. Who will be the lucky person.
  10. Mission closes at 10:00pm tonight. So far NevadaNick Yanagi JPBarr
  11. The coin in the middle is for Maine's oldest cache. My wife wanted to see a lighthouse on our vacation and that was the first lighthouse she ever saw in person.
  12. Wow, Wow, Wow, I'm in complete shock to receive this mission. Thank you JP for the coins they are wonderful. I can't express how much it means to get this. Now on to the next mission. I'll open it up for people to add their names until next Friday April 8th at 10:00pm Central Time.
  13. I'm looking for 2011 and 2012 Gold Lackey coins and Good/Bad Jeremy coin. I know, looking for holy grail but if you don't ask you'll never find them. I have a bunch of traders listed https://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/d34151887252d0782c445dd2c6bc3261.html If you have any of the coins I'm looking for, contact me and we can talk about working out a deal.
  14. Awesome, excited to see where it goes this time.
  15. Did this end up stopping or are search missions still going?
  16. Do you still have any coins left to sell? There is one in there that I've been looking for.
  17. I found them here: http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/geotriad-geocoin
  18. I'm in for the next round. Great coins this time. http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/d34151887252d0782c445dd2c6bc3261.html
  19. Could you post a link to you search list for me. Apologies if is back in the thread somewhere... I am too lazy to go hunting... It looks like Yanagi found it from a previous post. Thanks.
  20. Nice haul. The coins look awesome. I'm in for the next round.
  21. I think I put mine up but if not here it is. http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/d34151887252d0782c445dd2c6bc3261.html
  22. I'm in for this round again. Congrats to the last recipient.
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