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  1. Nope, antenna is inside finger-size stub. That "little" loop held for about twenty times, then broke. The elastic wrap around antenna stub is still 100% after a year and 100's of hours of GPS'ing.
  2. ************** I too had the little rubber loop break, so I got a piece of round 1/8 inch elastic cord (Bungee-like) and went directly around the antenna stub. Then stretch the cord some, tie a square knot, and fasten end with a small zip-tie. Made it up into a 10 inch lanyard with a 3 inch loop at other end to pass the whole unit thru, securing to a pack strap. This style lanyard works best, because if unit comes undone and it falls, the lanyard is stretchy, and "catches the unit" in a soft drop. I have photo, but don't know how to attach.
  3. Can you put those into Basecamp? No, you cannot put those into BaseCamp. I tried and I couldn't find a way to do it. From what I can see the only maps that will work are the ones you get on the dvd's from Garmin. At least that's how I remember it. Those files from GPSFILEDEPOT, should come in ".TGZ" format for Mac. Just download, and 'run' that and it will install into MapInstall and RoadTrip, the newer released version of BaseCamp. Which you can download free from Garmin, under Mac version. Then open MapInstall or RoadTrip and it will show in upper right corner of screen on one, and upper left corner on the other. Oh, you need a GPS connected and turned on to get MapInstall to run. RoadTrip is OK, by itself. I've used GPSFileDepot for Washington State 24K maps (250MB download), and NW States Topos, just fine. Gives 40 foot contours.
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