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  1. I know what a BASEMAP is. I even said you were right that the PN has one for the world. But every post (up until the last few) has been saying there are ways to ADD maps than that. But there isn't--no matter what snow, embra, lee, or you say. Keep saying something that isn't true: MISLEADING. And the world map it DOES have? In the USA is ALMOST useless. China and everywhere else its a gazillion times worse. Without Topo USA details, the America map zooms to level 12. Outside of God (and DeLorme) Blessed America it only goes to 7. Your HAND is a better basemap than that, but only because you're from MICHGAN, hahaha. Sorry you didn't think I'm nice. Kiss kiss, feel better now?
  2. Roddy, YOU ARE RIGHT! The PN DOES come a baseman that shows Chin It ISN'T routable and it IS useless. I DARE you to prove me wrong!! Show us how good the baseman is outside of America. PUT UP screen shots of the PN baseman at zoom level 8 and 9 of Shanghai (31.25N,121.50E) from the PN . And maybe an American city like Lincoln Nebraska (41.80N, 96.70W) to compare. The basemap outside of America stinks and you can't get anything else!. snow_rules international navionics cards are marine and coastlines only. embras canada raster topos aren't even out yet and people are already bashing them. lee_rimars worldwide digital map is so expensive deforme calls it professional and doesn't even price iton their website. PUT UP or SHUT UP!
  3. The title of the thread and a lot of the posts are misleading. Navioinics cards do not give DeLorme PN-40 additional world based maps - except for areas around coastlines. Topo maps for Canada you keep arguing about aren't even available yet and Canada is just one country, not the world. The title of this thread should be WORLD BASED MAPS FOR DELORME ARE NOT AVAILABLE!
  4. This is a tip that could save your butt someday. If you are prone to getting lost in the wilderness, carry spare batteries. And a map. And a compass.
  5. Look for some coming changes You know somethink we don't? Is DeLorem plannong something more like the Oregon 550T? Spill it!!! Going to let users storemore waypoint? Add a camera and geophototags and bigger screens and international maps? When is gonna be released and what will it cost?
  6. What Red90 said--stripped of nastiness and sarcasm--is that raster topo maps are a very poor option if/when higher quality vector topo maps are available. Raster imagery for other purposes (e.g. Aerial photos, or maps/charts that aren't available as vector data), can be a very good thing indeed.
  7. I don't see anything wrong with WSIB threads, EXCEPT I wish they were someplace else. Maybe over in Getting Started or the mods could do a forum just for that purpose -- and throw em all out of HERE as soon as they show up. Would be a danged fine idea to kick a lot of commonly misplaced memes into their own forums too if they don't really fit here.
  8. So the Canadians like Garmin better? Just because Garmin has maps available already that are better (up to date, vector based, higher resolution) than the yet-to-be-released DeLorme product (older, raster-based, lower resolution)? Garmin sells their version and Ibycus is available for free, but DeLorme has nothing for them today anyhow? Maine should invade Canada, bomb 'em back to the stone age. Bunch of plaid wearing orange haters!
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