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  1. they have a few accounts on ebay ireland also trying to do the same and also want €50 postage
  2. I'm off to the Isle of Man tomorrow for a few days hope to bag a couple of caches
  3. Being a complete novice at pc's i tried this and its working fantastic i have a few Tbs now i can see there travels thanks guys
  4. Invoice received and paid looking forward to getting my hands on the coin
  5. worked find for me have also done your guide to downloading all the caches keep up the good work
  6. Thanks for that i'll give them a try
  7. Can anybody help me with locations or postcodes to cover all the caches in the Uk so i can run some Pqs i'm planning a few trips over the winter months to different areas
  8. I looked at all my pq's no box's ticked but still getting the pq's every day
  9. Congratulations on your 100th find
  10. just when i was placing another hidden cache too
  11. I wrap my cache boxes in weed control cloth it lasts about 6 months or so but is far better then plastic bags
  12. yep its a long running scam the guys even put a lighter to the jacket so show its leather
  13. try putting a post on Geocaching Ireland
  14. i think its faster but lets wait and see on sunday night
  15. I have to agree with you i had my street pilot III go faulty after it was a month out of warranty and garmin replaced it with a new model FOC Thumbs up for them guys they know how to treat people
  16. Renegade Knight Many thanks from a small irishman
  17. Hi, can anybody tell me how to add field note's in gps sonar so far i've tryed holding the cache and then opening file ,reports,field notes, i get a box saying field notes report filter no mater which box i tick it then gos to a page with the heading field notes report but i cannot add any text!!! any help would be really appreciated
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