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  1. Not working and I've got PQs to run Here We go again and now I have two FTF's to log Time for groundspeek to invest in more servers
  2. I've been trying to logon to geocaching.com all day with out sucess Anybody else had the same trouble
  3. I use a product called "Gripfill" from the local builders yard, its stong enough to bond concrete takes about 24hrs to set but thats it you'll need a kango to prise it off after that
  4. I had 4 dnf's on a certain cache in the Isle of Man I was determinded to find it as it was also an FTF Got there in the end and just before 3 other local cachers and also claimed the FTF
  5. Grate typo there.... I'll get me coat! got me before i seen it
  6. ROLOL Bet that got the heart racing
  7. Will be caching my heart away from Wenesday and will meet you all Friday providing I can cache up with CrazyL200 that is
  8. Try putting you post on www.geocachingireland.com most of the Irish cachers hang out there
  9. For some reason all my pq's have stopped working they are suposed to run every day but 6/16/2006 8:56:01 AM 6/18/2006 2:32:01 PM 6/18/2006 3:58:06 PM 6/19/2006 5:44:25 AM this is the last time they ran. i have tryed unticking the boxed are reticking them to know effect. has anyone else had any problems
  10. hehe i have taught of it before but didn't think i'd get many takers due to the location I'm a bit far outside the city
  11. This will be a busmans holiday for me but as I close my camping park in September i'll hope to be there
  12. Great stuff now i can finish off my new cache
  13. its back up but with loads of errors on the cache pages can't they get anything right An Error Has Occured Invalid column name 'RefName'.
  14. Time for a refund on my premium membership me thinks
  15. Time to stop lining the pockets and buy some more server's this will put new cachers off what a pain in the **** Server Application Unavailable The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request. Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.
  16. Well done Crazy glad to see i created a worthy monster
  17. Well back in the land of the living now you can read a small piece about our trip Here
  18. Having been to the Isle of Man a couple of weeks ago to do some caching i have to say get there if you can as its got some fantastic caches to be found. I only wish i could get away in the summer to attend the event but I'm in the camping business so no chance however I do have all the caches on my watch list to see how you all get on as there's plenty of surprises in store. Enjoy Steve (The Windsockers)
  19. Not so long ago we both went on a caching trip here in Ireland and drove 60 miles for a FtF so i know his name suits Well done Crazy
  20. Yep i have the same problem everything was fine before this new makeover
  21. Well Done Crazy L200 i remember the first cache your eating them up now told you its additive
  22. yep bet thats a pain but thanks for getting 2 of mine done
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