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  1. Can you add be to the register for Dublin Ireland
  2. poor hamster looks like its being starved needs some food sent over asap
  3. Just steering this topic away slightly has anybody had any issues with the other firefox scripes since upgrading to version 2 nearly all have stoped working I even reinstalled them
  4. I'll be in cape town then wonder if i can sneak off for a photo shoot
  5. got one of them from you early in the year now all i have to do is find it again on the new pc
  6. I'll keep an eye out for you on this side of the pond We've even got a few events coming up in October As for November I'll be heading to capetown onlt on Holiday can't wait for it hopefully I'll get one cache to put me on the map
  7. I'm sure he'll announce himself once he gets back from his hols
  8. Aren't you always getting confused I'll get me coat
  9. The nasty campsite owner can only do the last two weeks in October he'll be busy chasing plastic lunch boxes the first two weeks There's another event also planed for the same weekend
  10. Windsockers... if you get bored with adjusting your finds manually, feel free to post three found it logs on any of my caches (probably less confusing to chose archived ones) just to get your stats back to where they should be. That would be great thanks a bunch
  11. I had the same thing happen to me not so long ago when i deleted a "Note" that said "I don't do winsocker caches but this is what your looking for etc etc" he gave away what the cache was it was part of a series so after removing the log he repotsed with maps and photos and sent me a long winded email. I removed the second note so in return he childishly removed my finds from 3 years previously from his caches. So it takes all sorts to make the world go round I now amend my stats adding the finds manually I was told to delete the 20 finds on my caches that he dosn't do but why bother lifes to short and there plenty more caches out there congrats on the 500
  12. The nearest B&B's that are open are 5 miles from the Campsite
  13. We could always try to get the Irish cachers to play chauffeur there's no need for a car to cache in Dublin city center. And I believe the campsite in question is only 10 miles from the Airport.
  14. I remember it well and the soft rain that fell also
  15. there's a new law on the cards that will mean you can't smoke within 5 meters of any public building that should clear things up and put the cat among the pidgeons
  16. Glad to see you enjoyed the cache's in Windsockerland there's a lot more there now for your next visit Pm sent to kr3lc
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