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  1. #1 tip/trick.... have fun!! remember this is a game
  2. those are soooo unique.. awesome idea better then the golf ball, tennis balls, and clothes pins im starting to see here lol The link was for some tracking I tried to run on my old ISP. I was trying to create a poor man's travel bug system. It was very tedious, required manual intervention and did not work well so I abandoned trying to track them. Much easier to use Geocaching's travel bug system. It is now a collectable signature item. You can keep it if you like or you can put it in another cache as a trade item. Oh ok cool, thanks for the help.
  3. my husband has made us some plastic TMF sig items that look kinda like a cookie cutter about 1 inch high and 2 inches across.. we drop them in any "dry" cache that will hold it =)
  4. anyone know the macro for gsak to get the html for my profile
  5. Got my first FTF tonight... man what a rush =) and a micro in the dark lol... just had to brag =)
  6. i have 3 finds soooo i am very new to this but only 1 of the caches that i have found has had the thing on it to mark it a cache
  7. my 7 year old and I cache together during the week as well and are always out and about in the woods. People have seen us out there and kinda look but no one has ever said anything. I think it looks like we out just walking around in the woods for a nature hike... kids can be great excuses while caching lol
  8. yea i didnt think there was for the lotus but im getting a blackberry in jan i can't wait!!
  9. they are made of plastic so they can get dirty and just wipe off =) I didnt think about the craft baggies at the store lol... i think Ill drop some in the caches this weekend and watch those caches and see what people say =)
  10. I have read this entire getting started forum and haven't seen this answered anywhere. If i missed it I apologize. And I also know there are lots of different opinions in here hence the reason I am asking lol. I got some "TMF" signature pieces (they are pieces of plastic cut in the shape of TMF think cookie cutter to get the picture. They are about 2 inches long by a inch high if that.) The question is if i need to put them in a baggie to let people know they are signature items or just drop them in the cache?? any thoughts on this would be great! TheMayfieldFamily
  11. i have the spring lotus and it has "gps navigation" meaning i can put in the street or area i wanna go and it will give me turn by turn to it i also have web on it so i can look up the cache's while out but im not sure you can use the blackberry sprint applications if its anything like my phone but (and im still a newbie so dont quote me on this) i think there is a program you can get for the BB called cacheberry.. not sure about coses
  12. that reminds me of the little boy in the christmas movie "The Christmas Story"
  13. oh nooooo lol ill will be watching for it more then lol
  14. i guess i should have said less lol im one of the lucky ones who it doesnt bother lol =)
  15. just starting out caching but yea i assume summer will be quite warm but growing up in florida now living here the heat doesnt bother me lol that kiddie seat is just toooo cute lol
  16. move to texas lol we dont normally get snow here in the dfw area lol so fall/winter should be great for hunting... no poison ivy, less brush, no mosquitoes lol
  17. thanks for sharing that story!!! it really brings out what geocaching started out as..... less about the competition of being the FTF more about the love of outdoors and bringing smilies to people's faces
  18. i agree lol (preface this by saying in very very new at the sport) but i dont think i would know pencils were swag and would definatley leave them in there unless you somehow put your geonick on it
  19. we are getting some signature swag to drop in the caches but we are going to do it in addition to trading out the swag..... meaning if the younger 1/2 of themayfieldfamily (tmf) wants something she has to leave something and i will drop in the tmf swag =)
  20. we keep a couple of walmart type bags with us for garbage around the cache site or where we are walking to get there also any trash in the cache =)
  21. thanks for asking AND answering the question!! i have yet to find any trackables but was wondering the same thing!!!!
  22. My 7 year old daughter is the other 1/2 of themayfieldfamily that hunts and loves finding swag as an added bonus of the hunt. One of the caches we found(only found 2 a ammo box and a micro) had just a few little junkie things in there... she took a foam red dice (maybe a sig item as it was handmade) and put in a mctoy and a kids necklace (to help the cache as she said) I was glad that she understood the philosophy behind the "bonus" We are going this weekend with 5 dollars to hit up the dollar tree for the party goodie bag things to add to our bag of mctoys that she has to trade with again her idea and her allowance... she has taken to this great and we love love it
  23. mine was also wrong but i did fix it thanks!
  24. i have the best "blend in excuse" my 7 year old daughter.... people don't even question us in the woods or even looking the ground for things and if they ask we just she lost her ball or something lol
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