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  1. Excellent. Thank you all, I will check out each of these!!!!
  2. Do you have any suggestions for a good YouTube channel to check out for good, interesting geocaching videos? Or a specific video you like? Who's your favorite geocaching YouTuber??? I want to watch some good ones!!!! Thank.
  3. Caches are placed and maintained by individual people that play the game, premium or not. Those people choose to have a premium membership or not, and then those that choose a premium membership choose whether to make the caches they place premium or not. Groundspeak never forces anyone to make those choices. They just give the opportunity to do so as an "extra".
  4. I've always equated geocaching with things like recreational golfing and running where you don't do it in a competition with others. You are competing against yourself. In golf, you try to get a better score on each round you play, but there are plenty of opportunities to give yourself mulligans and that sort of thing. But, you know if you don't score yourself right. You're not hurting the golf course owners, you're just kidding yourself on something you haven't really accomplished. Running is similar in that you compete with yourself to get a faster time on a distance. Geocaching is the same. We don't compete against others, so however someone "cheats" it's only against theirselves.
  5. Wowzer!!! I looked at this guys profile just now. WOWZER!!! That's all I can think of to say.
  6. I've never really understood the thought some people have or the idea other caching sites put out there about geocaching.com being for the "rich people" (as someone put it in a local caching forum). Opencaching puts it out there that they are more about the community and don't charge and that sort of thing. I've seen people grumble about how Groundspeak is all about making money. I just don't get the issues they try to make. Anyone can use geocaching.com for free and participate extensively. Yes, there are premium memberships available, but they are not necessary to play. Yes, the extremely helpful, easy to use app costs money, but you don't have to use that either to get the full fun effect of caching, use a GPS (go figure). All these extra things are, just that, EXTRAS. Buy and use them or don't. So, if you are one of these people I'm describing, can you explain to me better what your issues are? Just an honest question because I don't understand the problem. Or maybe others can give a guess at what these people are thinking.
  7. A-Team... Always love your posts! .... And you beat me to it! Wow, thanks everybody for the advice and big thanks to The A-Team and scrapcat for doing the work for me. You two are hilarious. I do appreciate it. Btw, I just recently became a premium member so I am still figuring out the pocket queries part. I tried to do one for all my finds and it only had 173 of my 201. I'll figure it out someday. Thank you all again.
  8. When I look at my statistics page it says that I have found 202 caches (201 distinct). What does this mean? Have I accidentally double logged something? For some reason, this is really bothering me. I am building up to my 250 find milestone and wanted it to be a special cache planned as my first international cache in a couple weeks. But, I want it to be legit. I can't see where I have double logged something. I know it's a game but I want to do it honestly. Should this bother me so much? Any advice on what to do to "fix" this? Thanks everybody!
  9. Congrats on your first find!!!! If you think you will want to continue, I, too, would suggest getting the full app for your phone. You will find yourself doing a quick search wherever you go from now on. It really is an unlimited hobby. You will never run out of caches to find and they are everywhere!
  10. YES!!! You both have helped a ton. I see the bookmark lists for both series now and that I can make a PQ from these and already have. Thanks a ton!
  11. My personal geocaching name is not a premium membership but our team (Cache N Out) does. Now that we have full force gotten back into geocaching since the birth of our son, we want to use our premium membership better. My specific question is; how do I make a list of a specific series of caches in a pocket query, I suppose. I have never made a PQ and was looking at how to but am stumped. There are 2 geotrail series in my area that we would like to work on. One, the Captain John Smith Geotrail and two, the Star Spangled Banner Geotrail. Each cache in these series are are named starting with CJS or SSB. I was hoping to do a search of all of these caches in these series so they are all together in a list and/or on a map together. In all the options to choose in making a PQ, I don't see where you can search by cache name or by part of the name like "CJS" or "SSB". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. We picked up a travel bug this weekend excitedly when we saw the goal. It's goal is to travel to other states and/or other countries. We thought this TB would be fun to grab, because we are headed to Jamaica for our 10 year anniversary and want to log some caches there. Not really thinking it through, we grabbed it but have not logged it yet, because we are not going on this trip until July and I later felt that maybe we shouldn't have grabbed it. So, what do you all think is the right thing to do here? Is that too long of a time to hold onto a TB to help it reach it's goal? I have three options, the way I see it. One, hold onto it until July. Two, place it back in the cache I took it from (would not be inconvenient, it is close to home). Or three, place it in another cache. Your opinions are welcome. We don't want to tick the owner off. Thanks.
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