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  1. One happy Cowboy here... Got my coins today, Whoa ha
  2. e-mail sent TWO Nickel.... Thanks
  3. What a joy I had, I was with fishiam in the morning when he hit 600, and was lucky enough to be caching with markta in the afternoon on his run to the 700 club... Whoa ha Way to go Plaid Guy "1000" Whoa ha A great milestone weekend for Western Washington cachers.
  4. e-mail sent one coin thanks... Oklahoma is OK...
  5. I hope to see my coin soon... Thanks
  6. Congrats to OBE on 1000 and a FTF at the new Green Lake cache.... Whoa ha
  7. An update would be nice, please
  8. Whoa Ha this old Nevada cowboy got his coins...
  9. Got my refund, Now this old Nevada Cowboy needs his coins, Let us know.
  10. Congratulations to markta on 600, at the WSGA Holiday party.. Whoa ha
  11. Congratulations grossi, some great milestones, and the big 1000 looks like it’s not far behind.
  12. Way to go OldBaldEagle on 900 Whoa Ha
  13. Thanks for the nice words… And way to go nolenator Wow 700 ... peace
  14. Congratulations to blindleader on 1900 caches…
  15. Is the meeting place still at the Starbucks?? I see this cache is inactive!!!
  16. This old cowboy gets up pretty early, hope I can make it for this one
  17. Coins look Great... Now get to the Post Office.. before the Xmas rush!!
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