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  1. Thank you on the info for the one who picked up the Leaping Frog. I did email him. However, his record on geocaching shows that he only participated for about 1 month. Guess it just wasn't much fun for him. Thanks, Unique
  2. Thank you. I did all that and it is showing as Unknown on my TB list. However, it seems to be still showing as in the cache on the individual cache page. I was trying to fix the bug so it wouldn't misslead geocachers as to whether there was a TB located in the cache or not. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for trying to help. Unique
  3. We're sure that this must have been addressed but are unable to find the posts about it. In the directions on how to handle missing TBs, it says that the owner has the ability to move them to Unknown Location. We have several who seem to have taken side trips and are still showing as being located in caches. To help searchers know what to expect, we've attempted to mark them correctly. When we mark them as Missing, it doesn't change anything on the cache or the TB pages. Unknown Location doesn't seem to be an option. Could it be that the pages have been changed and the "how to" hasn't been updated? Sorry if this is apparent to everyone else, but we just want to fix our sites. Thanks, Unique
  4. Oh, well. As usual, there are other ideas as to what goals mean. We purposly didn't give our TB exact goals because the typical geocacher doesn't seem to follow them anyway. We wouldn't even think of holding someone's TB just to carry it around with us. However, difference of opinions is what makes us all individuals, so again, thanks for allowing us to have our opinion and we'll be glad to allow you to have yours.
  5. On 4/9/05, one of our TB's was picked up and literally travelled for 6 months all over the country. We know that because there were photos uploaded to show his travels. Never once was he logged in or out of a cache. On 10/02/05, he was logged into a cache 4.7 miles from where he was picked up. Isn't the whole idea to log miles by going in and out of caches? Since the holder was posting pictures, we knew that they could also get messages. Therefore, when we saw this happening, we emailed them (through geocaching), asking them to please help his mileage accumulate by logging it in and out of caches that they visited. The only thing that we can think of is that they didn't do any geocaching in the 6 months of travel so just thought it was wonderful to carry our TB with them. We're baffled as to their thinking. We realize that there is probably nothing that can be done at this point, but thanks for letting us vent. Unique
  6. Thank you. I'll check that out. Don't know how I forgot that. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Yep. I did all that.........right up to the click on the link called Upload Image. For some weird reason, that link isn't there, except when I visit the web sites of "my" TB's. I double checked all of the TB's that we've found and moved along and Upload Image isn't available on any of them either. Finally, I sent the photo to the TB's owner and he loaded. Perhaps I'm the only one that's having this problem. As I've said before, I posted a couple of pictures on TB finds but just can't do it anymore. What a bummer! I wonder if that feature was abused by some and made unavailable for "finders". If so, I'll quit struggling and just send them to the TB owners and they can decide to load them or not. Thanks for those who tried to help us.
  8. Thanks for moving this. However, I guess I'm just not getting it. This is a TB that we have retrieved and are going to move along. The owner requested that a picture be put on the TB web site. There is already one in it's gallery but we don't see any link to get us to that gallery for insertion of a picture. Geeze.... we did this on another TB site and can't remember how. Sure don't remember it being so difficult. We did write to the TB owner, so perhaps he can give us some advise. Not sure if we're having a senior moment or there's something missing on the TB website. It's Smiley Boy TB, if anyone wants to check out his site. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is this question to dumb to even warrant a reply?
  10. Sorry if this is addressed somewhere, but I seem to be drawing a blank. I need to post a picture on a TB's website. Could someone please give be directions? Thanks for your patience. Hopefully, that'll be my only dumb question, today.
  11. Really like the new look. Thanks for all your work.
  12. Keystone Approver, Thanks for taking care of this for us. We really do think the wording was confusing when we were trying to decided if we should be disabling or archiving. Guess we had to learn the hard way, but it will no doubt be a lesson learned. We'll try to not have to bother you with this trivial stuff (or dumb moves on our parts) again so you can handle the more important stuff. I was also glad to see that you took some time off to do some geocaching. I just couldn't imagine why it always said 0 caches after your "name". Thanks again, Unique
  13. Yes, we did include all the information for the cache. I see that KA has answered my concern on here. Glad that he took some time off to enjoy the game that we all love. It seems that the group that keep this site going must spend an awful lot of their time working on the computer. KA - thanks for your answer. We'll check out the cache site tomorrow, etc. Sure that the ones with the new caches are just as anxious to see their's online.
  14. I guess KA must be pretty busy with new caches, because we've not gotten any answer to our emails. The water's receeded and we'd like to put the cache back. Still not sure exactly what we did incorrectly, but am guessing that we should have just disabled it instead of archiving it. Getting it unacchived looks like it could be a real problem. Actually, the cache was probably never really in harms way, but as new cachers, I guess we panicked.
  15. Uh Oh!! Way to put the fear into us!!!
  16. Thanks for your help. Will contact Keystone Approver.
  17. We've had to remove one of our caches due to rising water. When we archived it, it was removed from the list of caches instead of just having a line drawn through it. We chose Archive (show it). Was this not the correct way to do it? We would like it to stay on the list of area caches and will be placing it back within a few days, as the weather dictates. Sorry if this is addressed somewhere else, as we may not be understanding the terminology in the directions. Thanks for your help.
  18. Goodness! All this is making me wonder if the smiley face stickers that we put in our logs is offensive to anyone. If those smiley face stickers mean anything more than passing a smile along "to the next finder", please let us know. We sure don't mean to offend anyone. It seems to me that in our 60 years, we've seen more and more symbols, etc. adopted by groups as their own thing. In doing so, they've become unusable to the rest of us. Is this thread a result of cold weather that's preventing us from geocaching or are we just looking for something to knit-pic about? If I hit the calculator correctly, there are "just" 93 days left until Spring. That's something all of us in the cold climates can look forward to.
  19. Glad to hear that others are having trouble with the maps (arrows). We haven't been able to get them to work for about 3 weeks. We've actually started using the Old Map because it showed us the travel sequence better, though not the map detail that we'd liked. Would sure like the map arrows to show up, again.
  20. unique

    Pa Geocoin

    Okay, got it, now. We haven't seen the USA geocoins or Mount10Bike coins so didn't realize that a PA geocoin wasn't a USA geocoin. Clear as mud, huh? Thanks for your asistance.
  21. unique

    Pa Geocoin

    We found a PA geocoin today and have logged it at www.traveltags.com as instructed. However, we notice that some geocaching profiles show the geocoins as a found item. We can't figure out how or where to log this as it didn't show on the cache page as being a TB. Hope this makes sense to someone.
  22. unique

    Travel Bug Maps

    Have the travel bug maps been changed so that the travel path is no longer showing? All mine are showing is the number of stops. I liked it better the other way. I know I can click on the old map, but it doesn't have the detail that the new one has.
  23. I understand your confusion. Unfortunantly, there are many TB's that don't have instructions attached to them. In reading many of the logs, it's seems that finders think that they only have to "mention" their find in the cache log and they miss the need to go to the TB's url site. I have noticed, though, that there have been very few replies to my question. This leads me to believe that perhaps I'm the only one who sees the need for this to be made clearer. Guess I'll just go back to the fun part, geocaching, and let the techie stuff alone.
  24. Please can it somehow be made very, very easy to log the picking up of a travel bug? I want to believe that the majority of people who say in a log that they're picking them up really do mean well. For some reason they just miss the step of ALSO logging into the TB's web site. If the log page can be made easy to "drop" a TB, why can't it be made easy to pick one up? I know. If I'm going to complain, I really should have some viable suggestions to make to correct this, but I'm just techie enough to get myself into trouble, not enough to give any good advice. I placed this question on the forum in the geocaching.com section and only got 2 replies. That amazed me that there wasn't more interest in logging these TB's. Do we just want to assume that they are MIA's and complain about it? If this has been addressed before and is considered beating a dead horse, please advise me and I will just be quiet about it.
  25. Rating would be good, but not sure how accurate it could be. We'll all have different ideas about how much fun, what a challenge, etc. each one was. We kind of like the variety of doing the different kinds.
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