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    Has anybody got any experience using the VMS500 navigator for Geocaching? I recently used it at the Oz Mega event, it worked well, but would like to learn how to use it better. In particular, how to load waypoints into the street navigation side of the device. Cheers Bob
  2. vk4da


    I have just purchased a TomTom one XL for the car to assist with Geocaching, I have figured out how to put cache's in as favourites one by one, does anyone know how I might download a heap and just transfer them to the TomTom via the computer save me a heap of typing and possible mistakes?? Cheers Bob VK2JMP Wagga Wagga
  3. vk4da

    Geocaching Net.

    I would be in it, echolink or IRLP sounds like the way to go. There are a few of us here in Wagga that are alo into Geochaching and Ham radio. Cheers Bob VK2JMP
  4. vk4da

    Garmin Gps

    Yes you are correct, I just dragged the GPS out it is set to hddd.mm.mmm WGS84 Cheers Bob VK2JMP (Confused)
  5. Yep, I use echolink as well, would be great to have a site dedicated to geocache like they have for amateur satalites, emergency comms and others ..... Lets start a HF net ???? Cheers Bob VK2JMP
  6. vk4da

    Garmin Gps

    Thanks I forgot to mention that, yes I have is set on wgs84, I tried the same downloads with my friends gps the etrex camo and same result both are on wgs84???? Cheers Bob VK2JMP
  7. G'day, My name is Bob I am new to Geocaheing and having a ball. I have also got a friend interested as well, so much that he has just got himself a etrex camo, I have a 12xl. My question is, if I load in a lat/lon into the gps using hddd.dddd format either manualy or via the computer it all goes in well but it tells me that a cache is 30km away where in fact I know it is only 4 km away. On the other hand I load in utm from the same area, manually and via the computer and it tells me the cache is 4km, correct. So why are the Lat/lon co-ords on cache sights wrong or am I using the wrong format or is there something else going on??? Can anyone help me please??? vk2jmp@bigpond.net.au or via this forum. Thanks Bob VK2JMP
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