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  1. I'd like to get some feedback from someone who is using DeLorme Street Atlas 2005 PLUS ($99). The plus version has addition data like correlating buisness phone numbers to positions on the map.


    1) i have no relation to the company & hate undercover marketers.


    2) i need accurate info to work in FL after Francis. my flight there has been delayed for now. All I need is to get the GPS position of a property based on address and/or phone number, and load the waypoint into my Garmin GPSmap 76S. I do not need driving directions. I was thinking of using EasyGPS- will that work?


    3) the software has a telephone database that allows a user to get a fix (position) based on a land-line phone number for a business. I thought it included residential numbers, too, but now I see that costs $49 more = ~$150 - still not too bad if its accurate. Is this available in any other product that you use? How is the accuracy?


    4) I could only find old reviews of past versions: experiences varied from poor interface to dont leave home without it. Apparently the interface is not standard windows design - but Ive used a DeLorme topo version & it was okay. How is the 2005 "plus" interface?


    Im one of the good guys ;-)


    edited to make a little more sense (?)

  2. I just got my cables from GPSgeek/Gilsson. That was FAST! Amazing. The service was very fast. I only paid extra $2 for the shipping of a second item in same order.


    No association with them other than giving them $40 of my hard earned money, This was my first pruchase. They sent it priority mail.


    I wish I discovered them before I paid $60 for a Garmin brand external antenna :rolleyes:


    edited for spelling - paws not working well today.

  3. I only need basic, "address to GPS coordinate" accuracy. I dont need topo, but it would be whipped cream on the pie if available with excellent street / address data.


    I do not need live tracking on my laptop or other features - just navigation from point A to B that lets me know I am over the right house. Therefore, I *could* be happy with simply a map program on my laptop that I could cut & paste coordinates into EasyGPS, then transfer to my Garmin.


    DeLorme Street Atlas PLUS (DVD) can map a phone number. That is interesting. In some cases, I have a phone number. Hmmm. Some people dislike the DeLorme interface as it is awkward/but is it accurate - thats my priority. They says its used by emergency workers. I have an old version & its ok - Ive used it & it grew on me despite the oddities in the GUI. I wonder how this compares with ExpertGPS and Streets & Trips for address>coordinates accuracy. I like have as much data as possible local on my Hard Drive in case I dont have DSL on-location for updates. The DVD appeals to me.


    Can someone cut through all this uncertainty with some testing?


    Ive also heard that there inconsistencies in some mapping programs: soemthing like road names, perhaps I-20 becomes I20, then I 20. Are there conventions/standard practices in naming that are followed more consistently by some manufacturers?


    I have to decide in 24 hrs. Is there anything that is terrible & to be avoided.





    edited to remove demeaning language directed at innocent software packages :o

  4. I have a Garmin 76s and use it in the USA. Mostly CA, TX, and FL.


    I've shopped for maps: Garmin, ExpertGPS, DeLorme., Microsoft, etc. All of them claim accuracy. Has anyone quantitatively compared them for accuracy for the USA? The packaging is great -- what's really inside in terms of mapping data? Im primarily interested in streets. I dont care about routing. I want to nail an address accurately on a map.


    Aside, are there maps that share the same data for the streets and house numbers? For example: what softwares use Navteq? Do they all use it the same way? Is it augmented in other ways? for example, Delorme claims that they develop their own map data, threfore it is more up to date - is that tested & true?


    Microsoft uses Navteq & I think that Garmin does for Metroguide North America - is that true? Does that mean that in terms of correlation of street numbers and GPS coordinates, they are about the same? If so, and I am getting mapsource metroguide, am I wasting money getting Maps & Trips 2005?


    DeLorme's Street Atlas PLUS is a DVD with referenced businesses and even phone numbers - I like that concept & for $99 it seems a bargain. delorme dvd PLUS But if I need to correlate an address to GPS coordinates (on my laptop the night before) & then fly over that house after a hurricane in a chopper, how likely is it that I can find the right house?


    Im not just being picky - I really need accuracy. Not an award for pretty packaging. Not routing or number of stars for the sushi restuarant :o Thats the problem: the box graphics all look beautiful. Too bad you cant peek into the data like in the Matrix and see if youre being fooled ;)


    We need some objective comparisons rather than taste!


    Edited for pup-like spelling.

    OK, pup, breath, my friend, breath :P

  5. Yep, Ive heard that ExpertGPS is v.good. I have an acquaintance who swears by it (good thing there are no kids around ;-) I was ready to get MS Streets & Trips locally ($10 rebate at Staples), but I see that the maps are Navteq - isnt that the same data as Mapsource Metroguide that Ive already ordered?

  6. I just uncheck the "Include route data" in the maps tab when selecting maps to upload into my Vista.


    You do this to conserve memory? Because the GPS unit does not have built in routing or you dont want to use it?


    If you uncheck "Include route data" does that mean that you also CANNOT download a route that you create a route on your PC and download it into your handheld GPS unit? Or does it mean that you *can* download a route, but you just cannot use your GPS unit to make a new route in the field?


    Thanks - Im new - part of my learning style is 101 questions.


    edit: still learning to spell.

  7. NeoGeo: I like that computer-cigarette lighter. Will that fit a 5.25" drive bay?


    LOL! Classic. Should be standard equipment on Dells :D That & a 8-track.


    Thanks to all. I just ordered cables from GPSgeek.com before seeing the other manufacturer. Thanks to all. I got the one with the 110V wall coverter +serial, and the other +12V "car" with serial. I like back-up.


    All this talk about serial is making me hungry. Im going to eat some Fruit Loops :P

  8. you can follow your own track back out


    Im so new, I dont know how to do that. On my Garmin 76S, do I press the NAV button to start recording my track? How will I ever outgrow my muggle-ness -- Im lost in the manual :P

  9. As Yucca mentioned, it'd be a really nice find in a cache :D


    Great idea. I never thought of that, being a muddler only a week ago - still acclimating to knowing where i am :P Either that or sell it for a song in the garage sale here if someone could use it?


    -da Pup

  10. I have to do some work in an area in Florida that was damaged by the hurricaine. What software has the best accuracy for streets in the Sanibel area? I have to locate houses for documentation of damage.


    I dont care if it is GPS dedicated/does *not* have to be downloadable, if I can cut & paste accurate coordinates. Mapsource Metroguide is in the mail to me now, but Ive heard that the accuracy is terrible in some areas.


    What about the new version of Microsoft streets & maps 200(?5) ? Any others? What about on-line maps. What about DeLorme CD maps? I have their older map print pack - I see that there are new softwares from them - how is the accuracy for residential areas?


    I have a Garmin 76s.





    PS: I posted this in beginner's thread, but no one answered.

    Edited for accuracy.

  11. I have to do some work in an area in Florida that was damaged by the hurricaine. What software has the best accuracy for streets in the Ft. Meyers & Sanibel area?


    I dont care if it is GPS dedicated, if I can cut & paste accurate coordinates. Mapsource Metroguide is in the mail to me now, but Ive heard that the accuracy is terrible in some areas.


    What about the new version of Microsoft streets & maps 200(?5) ?




  12. I bought some GPS software on CD, along with a Garmin 16mb blank Datacard. I assume that it is a blank/empty datacard, it says "MapSource" on the datacard packaging. What do I have & whats it worth? Im not trying to get rich on this - I have a 76S that cannot use a datacard! Id rather see someone use & enjoy it in their geocaching.


    I believe that it will fit a Garmin GPSMAP 295.


    Ive been GPS'ing for about 1 week, so please bear with this "new pup" on the block :huh:


    Any information on this: what it will work in, how much its worth, etc. is welcome.




  13. If you go to your Edit Profile Page, and you see your avatar there, you must then *select* or choose the photo from the ones your have available. If there is only one, it looks activated, but is not. Even if you see it, it will not work until you select it.

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