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  1. I use lithiums all the time, but they are not rechargeable. They work great in cold weather and they have high energy density.


    Im playing with a 60C while waiting for my 76CS, and I cant imagine why anyone other than a peson who flies would need the 60 CSX. Its overkill and conspicuous consumption i.m.o.


    Yep, the poor sure need a GPS. Thats why they were served on the mount. Meliora - they also need to hear about your nice car.



  2. Im still getting ready for navigating a precise route while trying to learn the Garmin 60 C that Im using while waiting for my 76 CS from Alpha6. I like to use my GPS when Im on a helicopter charter as a passenger to practice my layman's navigation. We are flying a route around a major city and yes, we are the good guys. Im a USAF brat.


    I have created my ROUTES and saved them to Mapsource, then loaded them into my 60 C -- that went smoothly! Now I need to learn to navigate a course, and make adjustments to stay on course, but the terminology and field names and their definitions and differences are not clear to me.


    Again, traveling routes is my goal, so I may be on the wrong track from the get-go. Suggestions and links to tutorials welcome!


    It seems to me that I want to know when we have strayed off the ideal route, and how to get back to the route. It seems that TURN gives the adjustment to get back on the route, but Im still learning the terminology and yes, I am studying the whole manual. I have made TURN one my FIELDS.


    BEARING seems good to give the direction to the next waypoint from where I am at any moment. That seems workable. Just walking around my property, it seems to be a helpful field, but there are other options that I dont understand:


    There are COURSE and TO COURSE, of course :huh: What is the difference between BEARING and COURSE; between TURN and TO COURSE ??? Im off to Google all this. I bet there are some tutorials, but simpified layman's analogies are my speed for this farm boy ;-) Also, in the ROUTE > MAP page there are fields for time to next leg and distance of next leg. Whew. Are they pulling my leg with all these terms? I need help.


    We are more like geocachers from the air <_< can anyone give me a hand with choosing best fields to display. Im trying to learn to plan to fly precision routes fast. I work with professional pilots across the country who do what I tell them to do.


    Im trying to get a little better with my directions!!! Like "turn left 17º" Fly course 237º I would like to be able to direct a pilot through a slalom course. How do I learn that?


    If you are wondering, I am an aerial photographer and have worked in disaster areas. But Im not a pilot - I just take the darn photos. But Im required to plan assignments and communicate with pilots. Whew! Im trying to use GeoCaching to improve my navigation skills.



    daPup in Texas

  3. I using a Garmin 60 C (no S) while I wait for me 76 CS to arrive from Alpha6. On the 60 C, can I change the course from Letters to Numbers? For example, right now, I want to fly a course to a waypoint to the East. It displays "E" but I really prefer to see 90º


    Im wading through the manual, but if you know how to do this, please let me know?


    da Pup

  4. It will can survive x-rays but it may not survive TSA and airport luggage people THEFT. Keep it in your carry on if you value it. Google "airline TSA thefts" and be horrified. Our local TV station did a piece on it - security and baggage handlers are stealing from the public!


    da Pupster


    Other recommendations?


    Download the latest firmware. Decide whether you want STICK TO ROADS on or off. Turn off the compass. Leave the color schemes on default.


    I dont know anything about your GPS ...I just read the end of the big post below ;)


    da Pupster


    PS: Dont check tidal stations from the third floor of reinforced concrete buildings (?) or it wills start to smoke.

  6. Still looking for a used 76CS - I dont like that Chumbo site at all.


    If you want to upgrade to the Csx, I will take your CS off your hands for $300. shipped to texas. I have 100% on ebay. Im a hiker and photographer in Texas.



  7. Wanted: Garmin 96 - Alive only. If you have dropped it out the window without a parachute, forget it ;-) I dont know if there's more than one version, but I need USA for sure. I do need the manual, or a copy of it. I hope my 76s external antenna will fit it - let me know?


    Im in texas, give me a price shipped USPS Priority insured. I will pay with money order or something like that - I dont PayPuke or whatever its called.


    Email me!



    Paul át chaplo dòt com

  8. Smart Moosie! You have a good point, but I fly a bit - then I need the maps, but a 60 CS might do!





    Could I ask why you've ruled out a 60CS? It has the same "guts" as a 76CS, just less memory. If you are an avid boater/fisherman, stick with the 76CS line but otherwise I wouldn't rule out the 60CS. I love mine, and we just bought one off this board for my hubby.


    Happy Trails,

  9. Excellent idea. This type of donation can be more rewarding than getting a low price on a sale! Keep up the good work! Help get kids into the outdoors.


    Can you tell us more about how you use the GPS in your program?


    Shipping to a school address, and getting an acknowlgement letter on school letterhead by an authorized person from the school is standard procedure on gifts like this.



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