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  1. So why use an alternative user name and not stand by the caching name that everyone knows you by? So why don't you and your mates post your facebook vitriol here?..... I'm not even going to give you the time of day to justify myself in any way shape or form. You're just a part time business who didn't get enough commercial exposure on the emcache sites, and threw a hissy fit over a thread you started that attacked a reviewer for asking you to move a cache....a thread in which I supported the reviewer..(please take note DC)....
  2. AFAIK anyone is welcome to join. Nobody has objected, that's the point. So anyone is free to view your tirade of abuse you posted. Most people who know me would feel I don't need to hide in a sock, or on Facebook.
  3. Given your previous with the site owner, I expect he is ecstatic with that statement. There is no commercial activity associated with the site (for profit), as far as I can see. If there was only one offer in the world, we'd all be on MS Office, all buy fuel from Shell, and get our caching info from GC or GAGB. It's called choice. There is a different offer, including information, data, forums, etc. from each site. Ukcachers might feel their site offers more.
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