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  1. It's here. Sadly, the owner archived it in December with a view to improving one of the weaker stages. He recently posted a note to say he'll up there in 4 weeks to resurrect it.
  2. There's a whole series of micros along Regent's canal which makes a very nice walk.
  3. Wow, that's an old thread to bump! I completed a rough edit of all the footage from that day, but the "trailer" style was much better, and it's the only one I watch to be reminded of a great day! There are links to a Halloween bash video and a Cachers at Christmas video on my profile page. Next event is Carry on Camping, and I'm sure that will produce amusing footage!
  4. Here's a Skype Privacy FAQ, and other legal documentation including the EULA and privacy policywebfishrune mentioned. I think there's a certain amount of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in his statements, but if you follow the links, you can make your own judgement. Hope that's useful This thread should be closed, it's off topic and webfishrune is in danger of making it go further off topic into the land of arguments
  5. The answer is "some beans" But I'll let someone else get the programme.... (edit, actually, I think I'm wrong anyway
  6. What city is featured in my favorite film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
  7. Ah I think I know this.... cruithne? cruithe? I remember it has a dadgum strange orbit Hope this doesn't mean my brain has wind up in jar too.
  8. In other news, Google today announced the purchase of Forester's brain. "We needed a network over 20,000 computers to run our main search engine", reported Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. "Now we just need the grey goo in this jar". Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr, who performed the extraction using his cranial screw top technique was equally jubilant, quoting his favorite poem "O pointy birds, o pointy pointy, anoint my head, anointy-nointy". Nexxxxxxxt question Mr Forester sir, you were pretty much bang on. 10,988 nautical miles said my source.
  9. In a valiant attempt to keep this on topic, I offer the following question How many miles above the Earth is the orbit of the NavStar satellites on which we depend for our tupperware hunting? (to within, say, 500 miles) And for a bonus, what's the largest satellite currently orbitting the Earth? (Edit, sorry Golem, didn't see your question. Something Tolkien-esque?)
  10. Xi Shun I had to look it up though, but I thought he was chinese and none of the other guesses looked Chinese
  11. I was on a staggy all weekend as well! Congratulations from myself and LadyElph too, hope it all went well...
  12. "Putting you into Youth" Excuse me while I wipe the coffee from my monitor You might want to rethink that, though it is laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe the site could feature an endorsement from Gary Glitter? Here's some suggestions: Geocaching Youth - Why let adults have all the fun Geocaching Youth - Telling the grown ups to get lost Geocaching Youth - Using GPS to evade authority figures since 2006
  13. I'm pretty sure I have really no idea of Deceangi's true identity. Perhaps we could have more clues? Or maybe we don't need any more clues? Whatever, good luck from me!
  14. When you've reviewed all the caches, cleared your email backlog and moderated the forums( ), it would be interesting to hear how the "Let's go Geocaching" event went. I know the event wasn't really aimed at already established cachers, but I'd be interested to hear how it went and what a roomful of newcomers to caching made of it all!
  15. Site gets very busy at weekends. We've been dying to get new equipment for months, the OS deal means that instead of running a single teeny Celeron server, the site will be powered by 9 Xeon processors with a sum total of 20GB RAM. It'll be a monster
  16. Gary "Inunshuk" Rogers appealled for help with his original "geograph" idea on these hallowed forums 17 months ago, and with the help of Barry "barryhunter" Hunter and myself we built Geograph British Isles, and along with over 2000 other volunteer contributors we've amassed over 160,000 geolocated photos of the British Isles, all available for re-use under a Creative Commons licence. Today we're proud to announce we've agreed a two year sponsorship deal with the OS to improve the site and its infrastructure to enable use in schools as well as wider public use, which will also allow us to use OS mapping in the site too. This is fantastic news, and will secure the future of what is becoming a useful photograph archive! The site was born out of geocaching, and we thank all our fellow cachers who've taken part, whether you've submitted one picture or thousands. Many thanks for helping it get to where it is today!
  17. Mine was taken on the Saddleworth Beer Walk, which is a fantastic 10 mile charity walk around Saddleworth, Yorkshire, punctuated by stops at 10 or so pubs. And it's in fancy dress. That's me several years ago as a pirate. Sadly I can't go this year as it clashes with Carry On Camping Highly recommended if you're in the area. I'm surprised the BBC didn't seek my skills for the new Dr Who series though, check out the realism on last year's cyberman costume...
  18. I so want to hear the unedited version. I had great fun with it on the day - I can't believe my bit was left on the cutting room floor
  19. I looked at this LegendPilot cache page and saw the Google Map / (inc Satellite) / Google Earth links. On a cache page, right click the monkey icon bottom right of your browser and see what scripts you have active. Are there any others aside from "Geocaching Map Linker"? Also, check the version number of your map link script by clicking "Manage User Scripts", then highlight "Geocaching Map Linker" and click Edit - you should see this at the top of the file: Geocaching OS Linker - 0.51 28/07/2005 If you've got an old version, install the latest one by right clicking here and choosing "Install User Script..."
  20. I like it! The TB could encourage posting on a particular thread too, so newbies can be welcomed!. Snurl can make a nice short url for such things, http://snipurl.com/rutsonsidea see?
  21. I've tweaked Neil Jones "Map Substituter" Greasemonkey script to cope with the changes. If you like the Google Maps, simply uninstall the old script. If, like me, you prefer an OS map, right click here and choose "install user script..." and everything will be all better
  22. Recently? I had my tea recently (Spaghetti Bolognaise, very nice too). 5000 years is a long time when you can't remember what you were doing last Tuesday. To me, an invention which has survived 5000 years has pretty much stood the test of time. Besides, I need the pockets. I haven't evolved holders for my Geko, iPaq, iPod and Ixus. I have to go, my tongue seems to be stuck to my cheek.
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