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  1. I went to Ampthill Park for a picnic with the family this weekend after having a couple of nice caching trips around that area. It's where the "Masquerade" 1980's treasure hunt book craze finished up.
  2. I faked the final location for the TV spot I did last month - the magic of television Incidentally, my wife has been stopped about ten times since it went out, even a week or so later while shopping in Tescos, by people wanting to know more!
  3. "And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime." Name the album. Bonus points for the track title.
  4. label the marbles 1234 5678 ABCD put 1234 5678 in the pan (WEIGHING 1) if level, then 1234 5678 are all "reference marbles" and your target marble is in ABCD put AB and 12 in the pan - if level, marble is amongst CD (WEIGHING 2) put 1 and C in the pan, if unbalanced, C was your boy, otherwise D - END (WEIGHING 3) else put 1 and A in the pan, if unbalanced, A was your boy, otherwise B - END (WEIGHING 3) (Now that was the easy part. It's this next bit which has taken me ages, and no doubt I'm too late now. Damned if I'm letting the hard work go to waste....) but, if 1234 and 5678 are unbalanced, then ABCD are your reference marbles you can relabel the light side of the balance 1234 and the heavier side 5678 put 156 and 278 in the pan (WEIGHING 2) - if level, then our marble is either 3 or 4 which we can determine by weighing 3 against a reference marble A (WEIGHING 3) if 156 vs 278 is unbalanced and 278 is heaviest, then 7 or 8 is a heavy marble (since it was on the heavy side of weighing 2) OR marble 1 is a light marble (as it was on the light side). for our third weighting, we weight 7 and 8 to find the heavier marble. If balanced, then 1 was our light marble. Job done. if in the 156 vs 278 weighing 156 was heaviest, then you can perform the same logic to discover the marble is either 5,6 or 2 Do I win a prize?
  5. I'm thinking Calcium, since we're mainly Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, and there's a lot of boney type stuff with Calcium in it, so I'll go with Calcium.... that's a metal, right? (Edit - dadgum, too slow!)
  6. You're equating geocaching "the activity" with geocaching.com "the website" If you'd prefer "underground" then don't do caches on geocaching.com, try using Navicache, Terracaching, or set up your own, secret, listing site. Half the fun is meeting other cachers though. Sadly, I'm sat here working when it's a lovely day with cache events galore this weekend
  7. Apparently you can order DVDs from Anglia for items like this, so I'll get a copy - both to put a higher quality version online and to embarrass my two girls in later life....
  8. I popped up the cache the night before to ensure it was well stocked and found it had been completed cleaned out - no swaps at all, even the pencil sharpener for the log book had gone. Thankfully, the log book was still there. So it's probably already had some unwanted attention and I'll most likely archive it once I've placed a replacement cache. However, through the magic of television, the featured spot isn't actually the real hide, it was just a bit easier to film there
  9. Thanks to pieces_of_8, I took an Anglia News crew out geocaching a few weeks ago, and the segment aired today. They did a rather good job of it I think. Should bring a few newbies into the fold, my wife has already been stopped in the school playground by strangers wanting more information! Watch online Downloadable video here (12MB) Yes I did my own cache, but I didn't want to risk a DNF!
  10. I just watched it and breathed a huge sigh of relief, it wasn't that bad and they did a good job with the edit! Sarah had two people come and ask her all about when she picked the kids up from school, as it was shown at lunchtime too! I'll see if I can digitise a copy for posterity...
  11. "If you build it, they will come" I would, dates permitting.
  12. Anglia News tell me that tonight is the night! (Wed 21st June) (crosses fingers and hopes it turns out OK )
  13. I'll come. The landlord is probably wondering where we've gone, he was more than happy to see us last time, and is well aware his pub is a virtual cache.
  14. Panic ye not, for we are bringing the miracle of mobile refridgeration And a bouncy castle.
  15. I've just spent the morning caching with my family and an ITV camera crew The end result will be going out on Anglia's local news programme on Monday or Tuesday. I managed to keep my ugly mug off camera as much as possible, my 5 yr old daughter stole much of the limelight. I'll hopefully get it digitised and put online somewhere, and I'll post more details of the air date if and when I get them!
  16. Ah thanks Barry, I was hoping you'd post
  17. The geocachuk stats page is offline at the moment, and I was wondering what's the approximate number of active cachers and caches in the UK at the moment?
  18. This should be an easy one. Who wrote "Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space."
  19. I vaguely remember a band called GWAR or something like that who looked similar....?
  20. An "event multi" sounds OK to me I'd make sure you publicise how much time and mileage is required so people can judge whether they wish to take part though.
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