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  1. I've fixed the transparency on the virtuals, thanks for spotting it. As for a write up on GSAK, as I mentioned I tend to use some tools I've written myself, so I'm not the best person for GSAK advice. I have long had a plan to make some simple tools that make getting a pocket query into Memory Map and your PDA extremely easy for those that don't want the power of GSAK etc, but it could be a while longer before I complete anything in that area. EDIT: Moote pointed me in this direction for more GSAK info.
  2. There is a GSAK macro which used an existing set of icons for which this is a drop-in replacement. I don't use it myself, as I've got my own scripts for turning pocket queries into Memory Map imports. Moote might the man with the links here...
  3. That pub is a great venue, but closed at the weekend
  4. As the person who was behind the camera on some of the videos you've probably seen, I also think you are taking away the wrong impression, as I don't think I've ever seen anyone at an event who has had "one too many". However, if attending a camping event you might be wise to find out if there is to be a "quiet end" of the campsite, as some groups of cachers may enjoy the party atmosphere long into the night, but I wouldn't confuse this with outright drunkeness. Go to an event and you're sure to bump into like minded people whether you are a drinker or not. Friendships are built on shared experiences, and caching can provide such great experiences! After a few events you'll most likely know a number of cachers you'll enjoy bumping into again and again, sharing your stories and generally having a laugh. I hope that the videos I've made reflect that rather hinting that events are beery, loutish affairs. Now, where did I leave my pint....
  5. Nice work, but you can't really appreciate the theft unless you scroll to the bottom. I'd have made use of the left hand 16 pixels of the background image to write something vertically that would scream for attention. "I blow goats" or something. (As this is a family friendly forum I should point out goat blowing is a bit like cow tipping but it requires a lot more skill and a really, really deep breath. Few succeed. No really.)
  6. Along with the Boos, the Bugs, the Ollies and various other pub regulars we developed a handy sign language for identifying cachers in the field. Identifying yourself as cacher to others You see someone in the distance you think might be a fellow cacher Place your hands on head and move them upwards as if feeling the horns on a viking helmet The other cacher, on seeing this signal, will echo it to show recognition Negative response to the "horns" move You see a cacher in the distance make the "horns" move, but you do not wish to engage in conversation or be disturbed Place your fist against your nose and make a twisting motion Making the horns move to a non-cacher You make the horns move and realise your target is not a cacher Continue the upwards motion of your hands and turn it into a nonchalant yawn FTF You are returning from an FTF when you spot another cacher coming towards you Place right hand on (your!) right breast and make a circling motion Double FTF You are returning from an multiple-FTF when you spot another cacher coming towards you Place right hand on right breast, left hand on left breast, and make a circling motions with both These simple actions will surely be of use to the wider caching community and I urge you to adopt them. Maybe I should make a public information film....
  7. Yeah, a camping event. Who would go to that? Sounds like my neck of the woods too, so if you need some help I'd be happy to.
  8. Bah, cracked that spoiler last week. It reads "schauen unter dem Stapel der Stöcke"
  9. right click here and choose "Install User Script"
  10. I've got a backlog of video to edit, and before I could edit the Shropshire video, I had to finish the Carry on Camping video from June! The first half is a sun-drenched reminder of how good a camping event can be, and the latter half is beer-drenched reminder of what happens when you put alcohol and cachers in a confined space. If you've never been to an event before, don't let it put you off Downloadable Normal Quality- 39MB Downloadable Thumbnail Quality- 2MB Now I can edit the Shropshire stuff! Swords! Knights! Wenches! Gale force winds ahoy!
  11. If no-one closer than Baldock volunteers to adopt To The Manor Born, I'll do it.
  12. These cheap ones don't support CTCSS tones, so as you say, they'll hear the entire channel. Perfect for a busy event though! (For anyone not familiar with PMR, sub-channels aren't really separate channels, only one person can talk at a time on each of the 8 PMR channels, it's just a way for receivers to squelch out people transmitting with a different squelch tone.)
  13. I guess a "camp channel" might be useful! Shall we say channel 1?
  14. We thought some PMR walkie talkies would be handy for the Shrops bash, found a cheap pair in Tesco for just £15. Range is advertised as 3km in open country, I tried them this evening and managed at least 1.5km through woodland and rooftops. Perfect for keeping in touch on a campsite!
  15. The biggest tool would be the person carrying one of those monsters How about this for a gadget - why bother walking to bag that FTF when you can fly?
  16. Donmoore opened this thread with this: The problem is that Geocaching events are immensely popular, and many who inhabit this forum *have* met each other and shared some good times. Meeting other cachers might not be your thing, but for people who value the social element of caching, congrats threads are "nice" and pretty-harmless-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things Congrats threads are a sign people are still having a good time amidst the increasing gloom on this forums too!
  17. The cache in question isn't dangerous, but this chap's personality might be! Please don't archive it, it's a fantastic caching experience!
  18. Here's a link to the current geocachingforumtools.user.js - right click and choose "Install User Script" - works for me in Firefox and Greasemonkey 0.6.4 or 0.6.5
  19. There once was a fellow name Fett He now owes all cachers a debt He committed a crime A most awful rhyme The most tortured limerick yet! We might be there if we can make it coincide with a visit to the in-laws. "Lovely to see you as ever, mother-in-law, right, I'm off to the pub..."
  20. Who is the sausage king of Chicago? No googling now.
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