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  1. GCMV66 - Carry On Camping - 2005 is an archived event cache, but the coords are for a campsite with a ROC bunker in the next field. When we were there it was unlocked and explorable, complete with various bits of memorabilia (newspapers, ration tins, nuclear detonation checklists etc!). Nearest active cache is 0.3 miles away GCMEMT Tewet Tarn
  2. OpenSpace is really designed to foster bedroom innovators in the same way Google Maps has. Ed Parsons, the CTO of Ordnance Survey, is pretty forward thinking, but his bottom line is that "someone has to pay" A commercial entity like gc.com would have to pay. Last time I looked, 1:50K raster maps for Great Britain cost around £110,000 for a website licence. I don't yet know what the commercial model for OpenSpace will be, or even if there is one, but I would imagine something similiar but with various levels of fees to help new enterprises using OS data to get started. That said, it probably won't stop someone from making a Firefox GreaseMonkey script to integrate OpenSpace into gc.com though I can't wait to see OpenSpace, it's a positive move for the OS and it'll be fun to see what's possible! (Disclaimer: OS sponsor www.geograph.org.uk and recently donated the 1:50K raster maps to the project)
  3. Doing the sums on paper is not for the faint hearted, involving something called a Helmert Transformation, and, for all I know, the sacrifice of a goat. (A quick google found this description) For all your coordinate conversion needs, I recommend Barry Hunters www.nearby.org.uk site. Pretty sure no goats are harmed that way.
  4. Oh the fun we could have if we switch bears at the last minute....
  5. I do have a more serious suggestion. You and your intended are enjoying a nice stroll around our fabulous capital, perhaps walking along the river. You announce "well, we're here, can you see anything" "nope" says she "what about over there?" says you you point across the river where it seems unusually busy. You make the secret signal, then suddenly, each person holds a letter up, which reads PLESAE DO ME THE SIGNURAL HONOUR OF BECOMING MY FIWE after a bit of shuffling around, all becomes clear, your intended is bowled over by your gesture, and we convene at a pub to toast your future happiness. You see? An event cache. I'd be happy help organise that!
  6. If you really loved her you'd engineer a trip around London which produced a tracklog which spells out "PLEASE DO ME THE SINGULAR HONOUR OF BECOMING MY WIFE" or just "MARRY ME" if you're pushed for time
  7. Check this thread for details on the "Roolku" script for GSAK http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=75496 Once you get it working, for enhanced lovliness check the following... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=144033
  8. I've never met Billy but as we share a common pasttime I've been following his progress and wish him and his family well. But! Any chance of a new thread, like "Billy's Road to Recovery" - everytime I see "Very sad news" bubble to the top I view the new post with dread....
  9. OK, that's two beers I owe you after the GPX dump from your laptop!
  10. Nice work! Hardly saw you at last week's event, will buy you a congratulatory pint at tonights festivities hopefully!
  11. Now *thats* a good result. Glad to hear the whole episode is closed.
  12. Wahey! Can't wait to get down to the The Big Freeze Flood! Friday - light showers Saturday - light showers Sunday - heavy rain Luvverly
  13. I really must finish my groovier version, it let you roll the mouse around the OS map getting WGS84 coords, and you could even click a sequence of coords and download a GPX file of them.
  14. Happy to maintain "The Sticky Cache" which I did at the weekend!
  15. And where is this years's halloween event to follow up on last year's marvellous effort?
  16. I'd love it if someone would return Isildur's Bane to a resurrected "Mount Doom"
  17. I think for "general purpose" use, the MM icon, since the series was intended to denote fairly quick caches you can do en-route to somewhere else, hopefully without getting too muddy etc. My own script though makes micro's take precedence
  18. RIP Quest for the Ring of Power I hope the locations in this cache are part of a new multi before long
  19. Previous link is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!
  20. My script is a Perl script, only tested under Linux, but no particular reason why it wouldn't run under ActiveState Perl on Windows. I could make it a shade more friendly but if anyone is interested I'll release it.
  21. ...on the other hand, I can tell you that my experiments have revealed you can't clean a Sony Viao by pouring a glass of red wine into the keyboard and frantically shaking it upside down like an etch-a-sketch.
  22. Click my name next to this posting, links to my videos are there.
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