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  1. Ten Lords a Leaping! Gave me an excuse to escape the inlaws....
  2. Avast ye scurvy fool! Given fair winds the good ship Elph will make it there with its fine crew of salty sea dogs! Yarrr! Yo ho ho and a bottle of alcohol free rum, cos I be doin the sailin, see. etc...
  3. My Geko cable is still available (£10 inc postage). I've had some interest in the bike mount but I've put the bit that connects to the Geko in a, er, "safe place"...I'm sure I'll find it soon
  4. The DVD is almost ready and should have just enough room for Pengy's videos of the Shrops "talent" contest! Many thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, I'll contact you during the week. As I'm up in Yorkshire next weekend I hope to make a quick appearance at the CIN event too...
  5. I'm up to 15 now! Each disc will be lovingly presented in a standard DVD case with wonderful cover art. While it will look good nestling in your collection between Spiderman 3 and the last season of "24", many will choose to proudly display it on their mantlepiece, not simply as a lasting reminder of their generosity, but to delight friends and neighbours with its beauty.
  6. Huzzah, thanks Alex! I've had another pledge via email so that's 13 already. As I now have a hard deadline of the 18th to meet, if anyone would like their video included please get in touch. I'll need an MPEG2 file, 25 frames/sec 720x576 pixels for optimum quality.
  7. I'm toying the with idea of putting all my videos onto a DVD as they look and sound much better, and as it's Children in Need shortly, I wondered if anyone would be interested in buying one for £10 inc p+p with *all* proceeds going to Children in Need (I'll cover the production and postage costs). (If anyone else wants to contribute a video, get in touch) If at least 10 people pledge to buy one, I'll get busy making it!
  8. Ok, it's been a long time in the making, but the quality is all there on the screen! Oh yes. Filmed at Carry on Camping 2007 on Dartmoor, it features pirate themed fancy dress, potholing, a touching message to Kiwi Gary and Margaret in New Zealand and other fun stuff. - enjoy!
  9. Very thoughtful Liane, but I've since gone and got myself a Mio P350! The Geko is very good, if anyone is considering one. Mine survived a full wash cycle last week, only to be smashed to smithereens when I left it on the roof of my car, from whence it leapt to its doom on a busy A505.
  10. After seeing one at the Oxford camping event, we got ourselves a fold-flat barbecue which has been great! Got from iwantoneofthose.com Looking forward to the event! How many "turns" have signed up for the talent contest?
  11. Sounds like something which could be fixed - I would say "owner" should take precedence over "found". It seems not all testers have been able to get their emails but I haven't diagnosed this problem fully yet. Once I've resolved that I'll open it up to anyone who wants to play!
  12. OK, I think I've sent out beta test instructions to everyone who emailed me. If all goes well I'll open it up to all. I'm away for a few days so won't be able to respond to feedback until Tuesday. If anyone else wants to test it though, get it touch via my profile. From the number of people who have expressed an interest, I'm expecting the usage of this service to be quite low. If there are any people silently thinking "ooh, I'll try that", make yerselves known so I know just how slick I need to make it!
  13. That's one exquisite coin! I don't know how people think up these designs
  14. Want to use LordElph's Lovely Icons without all that mucking around with GSAK? Wouldn't it be nice if the PQ email just had the icons and a CSV file ready for you to import directly in Memory Map? It would, you say? Want to help me test GPXtra? Here's how it works register your email address with the gpxtra service, getting your own customised gpxtra email address set up your power query as normal, but opt to send it to this custom address the gpxtra service receives the email, analyses the GPX file and adds a Memory Map csv and icons into the zip file augmented zip file is then sent on to your normal email address The net result is that your Power Queries take a few minutes longer to arrive, but they come stuffed with all the nourishing goodness Memory Map needs to show those caches right away! If this sounds appealing, and you'd like to test it, contact me through my profile. If all goes well, I'll open it up all in a week or so.
  15. I'm told the Pen y Pass car park can fill up by 9am if the weather is fine, so anyone planning to park there should probably leave earlier.
  16. Satan's Pit makes for a memorable caching experience!
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